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There are companies out there that cover daily fantasy baseball as well as we do.  There are companies that cover seasonal fantasy baseball as well as we do.  There are no companies that have as much depth of coverage for daily AND seasonal fantasy baseball as Fantasy Alarm.  We have podcasts, videos, live streaming, Jim Bowden’s 1000 page Draft Guide, Howard Bender’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet, deep analytical articles covering every detail of every upcoming game, over 30 customizable tools including LeagueSync for seasonal players and the only Lineup Generator that integrates analysts’ editorial in the decision making while creating winning lineups.

The most important thing about the FAmily is that you get our ENTIRE TEAM at your service.  We have experts in LIVE CHAT twelve hours a day to answer any questions you have about your seasonal teams or the DFS slates.  It is for members only, so you get direct attention constantly.

Just as important, if you have a question, our customer service email is always answered by a founder since the most important thing we can do is BE THERE FOR YOU.  Just write us at

You can access our MLB features as they come out from our MLB Homepage. Below are all the features that we have for both Daily and for Seasonal Players for MLB in 2021.   

Pre-Season Coverage!

Of course, there is much rejoicing for our Draft Guide and Cheat Sheets.

Jim Bowden’s Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide

There is no other place where you can get a fantasy product that is inspired by a real-life GM with so much of his dedication put into it.  To produce this 1000-page masterpiece, it must be an entire team effort, but it is led by Howard Bender and The GM Jim Bowden. 

Here is an outline of some of the main features:

  • 600+ Players ranked for mixed, AL Only and NL Only leagues
  • 30 Strategies on how to succeed in your drafts
  • 1000-word player profiles on 200 players
  • 30 Front Office Insights Podcasts from Jim Bowden & Howard Bender
  • 50+ feature articles detailing information & understanding to help you be smarter
  • 15 Pre-Season Tools like LeagueSync with a Draft Evaluator plus 2019 projections with custom scoring, draft compare, ADP reports, Ballpark Ratings, depth charts, team pages, closer grids and much more.
  • Jim Bowden’s Sleepers, Busts and Prospects for 2019
  • A Downloadable PDF of the entire draft guide complete with team reports
  • The Howard Bender Ultimate Cheat Sheet – FREE
  • Your PERSONAL ASSISTANT - experts in live chat for members only so you get direct attention immediately.

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Howard Bender’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Push the easy button with this simple to use grid for drafting in about auction and snake drafts.  It is a 20-page magazine with all you need to draft your team including:

  • 3-Page easy to use and print grid with each round split and auction ranges included
  • 25-Rounds broken down for drafting in 10=15 team leagues
  • Players ranked by tier & auction value
  • Upper and lower tier organization of each round to ensure success
  • Complete games by position for all players in the league for any eligibility requirements
  • Jim Bowden’s Sleepers, Busts and Prospects for 2019

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Daily Features at Fantasy Alarm 

Many seasonal leagues will find these features helpful for their daily lineups. Our daily fantasy sports editorial opinions are BAKED into our tools so many of these features will also have data charts that are interactive within them.  Virtually all our features contain automated information to show you salaries, ownership projections and if players are in the lineup plus deep data to give you an edge. 
  • DFS PlaybookOur flagship product, it lays out for daily fantasy sports players, the players they should invest in for that day’s main slate.  It is complete with salaries in at least six systems and a deep breakdown of why you should use the player. Again, the DFS Playbook. There may come a time where we explore some split slates, but that is not the norm, nor should it be expected.
  • Hitting CoachYour hitting dashboard with in-depth information about the matchups, sabermetrics, salaries, and everything you need to scout the hitters for daily fantasy sports or for your daily lineups in seasonal games.  For slates larger of six games or larger, we will have a write up for the best hitters of the day above the data tables.
  • Pitching Coach - Your pitching dashboard with in-depth information about the matchups, sabermetrics, complete salaries, and everything you need to scout the pitchers for daily fantasy sports or for your daily lineups in seasonal games. For slates larger of six games or larger, we will have a write up for the best pitchers of the day above the data tables.
  • Example Lineups – We publish the lineups using all the information and tools for the day to show you the process for creating winning lineups.  We post “pivots” that allow users to make changes or learn how to build other lineups with more information.
  • Heart of the Order Video – Every day we produce a video that reveals our core-plays in DFS each day and we'll also break down what stacks to consider in daily fantasy sports. Using multiple players from the same lineup who are next to each other is one of the best strategies for big scores in GPP tournaments..
  • Real-Time Chat Our analysts will be there for you every day leading up to lineup lock to help you get the answers you need to succeed plus be there for every seasonal move or trade to help you validate or maximize value from it.
  • Live Streaming – We have created a live streaming technology that allows us to broadcast over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (Periscope), on and Live on  We will have these on the most important days for daily fantasy sports and weekly for seasonal fantasy baseball fans.

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Weekly & Monthly Features

Many of our features transcend the daily slate but are important to read for both the seasonal and the daily fantasy sports players.  Knowing when a key player is coming off injury can help you identify DFS values and understanding things like managerial tendencies can also be helpful each day for DFS.  Many of these features are done by the same people as last season and helped numerous people win their championships. 

  • Injury Reports – Multiple times a week, we check in on the injuries and their status.
  • Fantasy Stock Watch – Looking at players who are going up in value and down in value.
  • Waiver Wire Reports – Multiple times a week, we check in on the waiver wire to give you who to pick up in your leagues.
  • Prospect Report – Weekly look at the best prospects to keep your eyes on for them to make their debut or to break out.
  • Bullpen Report – Deep dive looking at bullpens with a tool called the Closer Grid.
  • Advanced Analytics - Breaking down the advanced metrics to deliver you who to be targetting and watching.
  • Category Impact – Deep dive into different things affecting owners and how to manage them at different times of the year.
  • Streaks & Trends - Deep look at who is streaking and what trends there are in MLB
  • Kicking Rocks - Inside the head of Howard Bender with the things he thinks about when...kicking rocks.
  • Starting Pitching Streaming – Players to use in weekly leagues to stream in the upcoming week.
  • Two-Start Pitchers – Looking at the pitchers that go twice for the upcoming week and determining which ones are great, good and dangerous.
  • Weekly Planner – Runs down all pitchers who start twice and the schedule for fantasy purposes. 
  • Videos – Multiple times per week videos that break down important things going on in fantasy baseball or in that day’s slates for DFS.
  • Podcasts – 30-minute podcasts from various pairs of the talented Fantasy Alarm team.

Lineup Generator for DFS Players

For DFS players, all our tools recognize scoring, salaries and slates for six DFS sites.  Every tool makes it easy for you to see your favorite sites and do the research to make you win. 

Our Lineup Generator takes in our editorial content into the engine with analysis of 33 metrics and spits out winning lineups for six different sites.  We added full export capabilities and some strategy buttons like stacks to help you control what comes out of the engine. 

LeagueSync for Seasonal Players

For Seasonal players, LeagueSync is HERE. Connect to your season-long providers and get access to your teams and leagues which will connect you to all 30 tools to help you DOMINATE in season. 

Features include:

  1. Dashboard: A view of all your leagues, teams and current standing. Apply an abbreviation to each league to unlock indicators throughout the Fantasy Alarm site, showing your players.
  2. Deep Stats:  View your teams’ season-long stats, last week’s stats, last three weeks’ stats and LIVE stats. 
  3. Projections: See your season-long, daily, weekly and rest-of-season projections to help make the key decisions for your roster.
  4. Seasonal Lineup Generator: Take your team for the coming day or week and generate your best lineup for you based on 33 metrics and projections.
  5. Free Agents:  View all your leagues free agents with information to help decide the best additions to your roster.
  6. News Dashboard: View all your players, free agents and on other rosters news on a single page.
  7. Trade Evaluator:  Want to check out an offered trade?  Or, just play around to see what's possible...this dynamic tool will provide you with the answers you need to pull the trigger on the blockbuster that leads you to a Championship.
  8. Draft Evaluator:  Check out how you did in the draft and get key information to help you improve on your next one.  This comes with projected standings, positional strengths and weaknesses, top value picks and reaches.

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Research Tools for Daily & Seasonal Players

Since we recognize that all tools should be created for BOTH the daily and the seasonal player, our tools are fully customizable.  For DFS, we will support as many contest types from FanDuel and DraftKings as possible and support four other sites: Yahoo!, Real-Time Daily, Fantasy Draft and Fanball.  For seasonal players, we will provide syncing tools that will make all our tools YOUR tools for YOUR league. 

  • Daily Lineups – The industries best lineups page.  You can see batter vs pitcher info, projections, advanced metrics like wOBA vs RHP, Home/Away splits, Left/Right splits, Last 5 Games in DFS Scoring systems, DFS prices with Value meter, Year-to-Date stats and even see real-time stats fill in.  It contains Vegas information plus all the info you need to use this as your research page and scoreboard.  It even has real-time box scores for all the games built in with scoring systems.
  • Weather Center – Breakdown and follow every game’s weather real-time with hour by hour weather, links to important game info and easy to see weather indicators to tell you whether to worry about delay or postponement.
  • Daily & Seasonal ProjectionsComplete sortable projections.  For DFS, we add salaries, projected points and value of those points to help you make the tough decisions and find the bargains.
  • Stats Dashboard Your hitting & pitching dashboard with in-depth information about the matchups, sabermetrics and everything you need to scout the hitters for seasonal & daily fantasy sports.  For larger slate days, we will have a write up for the best hitters & pitchers of the day above the data tables.  It is written for DFS, but very valuable for seasonal players as well.
  • Real-Time Stats - Complete REAL-TIME & Seasonal sortable stats including deep Sabrmetric stats in a sortable way.  For DFS, we add salaries, projected points and value of those points.  For Seasonal, you can customize to your scoring system.
  • Batter vs Pitcher – Complete sortable batter vs pitcher data so that you can look at the entire day with this lens.
  • Closer Grid – Howard Bender & The Team update the closer grid for each bullpen breakdown each weekl. Gives the user the ability to see visually what the bullpen situations are.  
  • Umpire Report – Data driven report that shows today’s Homeplate umpires and how good a game caller they are.  More information for selecting pitchers especially.
  • Vegas Odds - All the latest lines with Implied Runs for every matchup in MLB.
  • Ballpark Ratings – Sortable table with all the info about the ballparks that you could want.
  • Probable Pitchers – Look seven days ahead with probable pitchers, recent performances and ballpark ratings.
  • Lineup Trends - Examine the 10 most recent lineups for any MLB team
  • In-Depth Team Pages - Not your typical team pages as they have information about lineups, depth charts, stats, projections with values and news.
  • Depth Charts – Up to the second depth charts managed by a team of ten producers.
  • DFS Compare Tool – Easy to use way to get all the data, projections, salaries and scoring that you need to decide between up to five (5) players at a time for daily moves or weekly moves in your seasonal leagues
  • Ownership Projections – UFCollective projects the ownership for each player in big tournaments on FanDuel & DraftKings. This information in sortable form is a great way to get global information and additionally, the information is for our subscribers on all DFS features that it augments.

Pheeeewwww. That is an enormous amount of editorial, multi-media, direct contact, live streaming, live chat and customized tools for both seasonal and DFS fantasy baseball players.  We have the bases covered. 

All of us love to hear from FANation so whether you are curious about the SMART system, how to break into the fantasy business or daily fantasy sports strategies, email me at If you ever need anything from our staff, our support email will be answered by one of the founders since we think you are that important.  Just write to

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