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Become a Factor: Playing Single-Entry in Week 14

Well, Week 13 was not my best week at Fantasy Factor.  Had a star-studded lineup with a  couple of holes in it.  Need to get them all right. 

Time to use the Playbook PRO for Fantasy Factor.  Use the Playbook, Coaches and dozens of deep analytical editorials from our team to identify a set of players to consider.  Then use our tools to research those who would have the most success and create lineups based on value with the site you are playing on.

Fantasy Factor is only SINGLE-ENTRY tournaments  so we make our best lineup and put it in all of them.

We start with the DFS Coaches to find best and most consistent plays at each position. 

Then to the Points Allowed By Position page which has more data in it this late in the season.  We can see all the Vegas odds and understand what teams have the best matchups for each position. 

Then, we use our Lineup Generator to complete the process.  This custom tool pulls in 33 metrics plus the editors’ views on players to give you winning lineups for Fantasy Factor.

Here are some good bargains uncovered from using the this simple less than 15-min process.

Drew Brees NOR ($7400)

We will need to watch the weather and make a change if necessary, but the down week for Drew versus the Cowboys will give you an ownership edge.  The recency bias is real.  Brees threw for only one touchdown last week, but it in the four weeks before that, he threw for fifteen touchdowns. 

Alvin Kamara NOR ($5700)

Double down folks.  With this low a price and a projection of about 25 fantasy points, there is no way to get away from rostering Alvin Kamara .  Like Brees, many people will not be on these guys, but Kamara will get all the check downs, screens and wheel routes.  In Week 1, he had nine receptions for 112 yards and that was only in the air.  Play him with confidence at this price.

DeAndre Hopkins HOU ($8000)

Hopkins has not been targeted less than 6 times in any game this year.  He has scored seven touchdowns already this year and is always the go to guy for a winning team.  He is projected for more than 100 yards on 8 receptions.  Those numbers can be counted on and he is likely to hit pay dirt as well.  Play with confidence at this number.

Zach Ertz PHI ($6200)

With the Tight End pricing set to give such few values except for Travis Kelce and Ertz who give you some assurrances of good points.  We will take Ertz as the Dallas Defense has been great, but will need to cover Golden Tate , Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffery as well plus stop the run.  Ertz is the man and will have his 8 catches for 70+ yards which are bankable stats for your team.  Take it and run.

So, we locked these four plus the super low priced Sony Michel versus Miami as they cannot stop the run.  The Lineup Generator gave us great values at all other positions with Christian McCaffrey, Golden Tate , Jarvis Landry and the Bills!

Let’s go. This is a team baby.

Come join me and if you want to discuss in email, I can always be reached at

Thanks for playing and BE A FACTOR this year!

Play with the Fantasy Alarm Family: