There is no way that the lead of any column today should not be the trade of Trent Richardson from Cleveland to Indy.  Mid-season trades of this magnitude are rare since they send a message to your fan-base that you are giving up.  This clearly sends a message to the fantasy community that Ahmad Bradshaw was not the right guy for Indianapolis.  If you listen to Colton and The Wolfman, we said that all pre-season.  Also, wouldn’t start T-Rich this week since he has to learn a whole new playbook by Sunday.  Not happening. To High TreasonSo, now that I am obsessing about The Fantasy 100 today, of course, I started to think movies.  It is not just numbers or projections, it is a puzzle.  Like Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nick Cage) in National Treasure uses all the clues to try to find Templar’s Treasure before the bad guys do to save it for the United States.  I need to use the clues.  I need start with the numbers.  I need to watch film.  I need to look at the game plans by reading beat writers.  I need to step-by-step like Benjamin Franklin Gates find the treasures of the NFL and compare them to the Tiers. After two weeks with the The Fantasy 100, I am reminded by Gates in the movie of a quote from Thomas Edison’s struggles: “I didn’t fail. I found 2,000 ways how not to make a light bulb; I only need to find one way to make it work.” So after two weeks of…well failure, we will give it another go with more vigor, intensity, number crunching, life liberty and the pursuit of F100 Points.

My Roster Strategy for Week 3

Take a look at all the matchups and focus on those to determine possible break out situations.  Then look for really low Tier players who reflect those matchups.  Then fill in with the superstars in the best matchups.  It’s all about the match-ups this week.

Lions passing attack versus the Redskins

The Redskins have let up 71 points through two games.  Opponent QBs score 34 points and WRs score 53 points versus their defense per game in a PPR format.   Megatron and Stafford are must haves.

Chiefs passing attack versus the Eagles

Opponent QBs score 30 points and WRs score a whopping 60 points versus their defense per game in a PPR format.   They made Eddie Royal the most sought after pick up this week.  Get Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe.

Seahawks versus Jags

A steady early dose of Marshawn Lynch, but then I think Turbin and Michael get a lot of carries as this gets out of hand quick.  The defense is for real so make sure we get the defense.

Bengals passing attack versus the Packers

This was the third best choice, but I wanted to note it here for those who want to grab A.J. Green.  He is a good play this week.  Even the undervalued Andy Dalton should over perform his Tier 8 ranking.

My Roster for Week 3

Roster Week 3
  • Matthew Stafford – DET – QB – Tier 2 (Matchup Play)
  • Chris Johnson – TEN – RB – Tier 4 (Value Play)
  • Matt Forte – CHI – RB – Tier 7 (Value Play)
  • Calvin Johnson – DET – WR – Tier 1 (Matchup Play)
  • Dwayne Bowe – KC – WR – Tier 5 (Matchup Play)
  • Eddie Royal – SDG – WR – Tier 10 (Value Play)
  • Jason Witten – DAL – TE – Tier 8 (Matchup Play)
  • Seattle DT – Tier 1 (Matchup Play)
  • Jamaal Charles – KC – RB – Tier 2 (Matchup Play)
  • Stevie Johnson – BUF  - WR – Tier 10 (Value  and Matchup Play)
The strategy this week in The Fantasy 100 is to focus on 3-4 matchups and then find deep value at the remaining spots.  Almost a stars and scrubs except with only 100 players each week, they are all stars! To High TreasonSo, for those of you who have been dumb enough to listen to me each week while we figure out how to beat this new game, I know what happens to me if this strategy is wrong.  In the words for Benjamin Franklin Gates from National Treasure, “A toast? To high-treason.  That’s what these men were committing when they signed the Declaration. Had we lost the war, they would have been hanged, beheaded, drawn and quartered, and –Oh!, my personal favorite – had their entrails cut out and BURNED.”

That would NOT be good.

Rick Wolf, Co-Host of Colton & The Wolfman - Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio  The Fantasy 100Rick Wolf is a leader in the fantasy sports industry. Wolf is a founding Board Member and one of only fifteen FSTA Hall of Famers including Bill James and Matthew Berry. Wolf’s career accomplishments include starting the fantasy sports division at SportsLine USA that became CBS SportsLine, incubating Rotoworld to become the #1 fantasy sports news site, and spearheading the sale of Allstar Stats/Rotoworld to NBC Sports in 2006.  With college friend and fellow Hall of Famer, Glenn Colton, the team has won 7 expert titles in baseball and football. Twitter: RickWolf1