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Become a Factor: Playing Single-Entry in Week 8

Big fan of SINGLE-ENTRY tournaments and double ups.  Fantasy Factor is exclusively single-entry tournaments and games like Survivor.  Playing there is easy using the tools and information at Fantasy Alarm.  Let’s step through an easy method to create a lineup at Fantasy Factor and then we will show you how you can also simply have our Lineup Generator make one for you.

Read the features. 

There are a number of must-read features to identify a couple of players so you can easily create winning lineups. 

  • DFS PlaybookLays out a look at the week.  It is complete with salaries in six systems including Fantasy Factor and a deep breakdown of why you should use the players. Comes out on Saturday, but the Watch List is a great way to stay close to this information.
  • DFS Coaches – Separate data driven features that are both tool and editorial. 
  • Game Previews – Weekly preview of every game, fantasy-style.
  • WR/CBs Match-Up Report – A look at every major matchup of WR and CB in every game.

Tools to use.

Our tools are made to include as much custom information for the place you are playing.  Each tool can set Fantasy Factor as the scoring system and roster construction.

  • Weekly Matchups – It contains projections, Vegas information, inactives and practice reporting.
  • Vegas Odds Page – All the Vegas info that you need to make decisions.  Need to know where the points are going.
  • Weekly Projections – Complete projections with the salaries, scoring and value of all players for Fantasy Factor.
  • Points Allowed By Position – Shows you each position in the Factor scoring system for each team this season.
  • Lineup Generator – Custom tool that pulls in 33 metrics plus the editors views on players to give you winning lineups for Fantasy Factor.

So, after you review that, I start looking for good values. 

Like to use the Lineup Generator as it has enough information for me to build fun lineups.  All the rest of the stuff above shows you that we have what you need to DOMINATE.

Ben Roethlisberger PIT ($5700)

It is well-documented that Big Ben plays amazing well at home.  He also plays well after a bye week.  He has not played well versus Cleveland in the last three years.  Earlier this year throwing three interceptions to go with 335 passing yards and only a 60-passing rating.  Last year he threw for an average of 263 yards per game versus the Browns.  The home game and the BYE week preparation will take care of that plus he has awesome weapons in Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Conner out of the backfield.

Nick Chubb CLE ($3500)

Chubb emerged last week after the trade of Carlos Hyde.  In the lead role, he added 18 for 80 yards and a touchdown.  The Steelers are good against the run, but game flow predicts that Pittsburgh being well ahead could be in cover two allowing for the run game to blossom.  Plus, you cannot beat the huge discount.

Davante Adams GB ($6000)

Adams is a touchdown machine with six touchdowns already.  Aaron Rodgers has targeted him 71 times this year already.  He should see the deep balls that have beat the Rams in past games this season.  Playing in LA versus the high-powered Rams’ offense, Rodgers and Adams should hook up a lot of times.  He is projected for over 20 points in Fantasy Factor’s scoring.

Travis Kelce ($6200)

Kelce has three 100-yard games with last week getting 95 yards.  So more than half of his games, he gets 95 or more yards receiving as a tight end.  He only has three touchdowns, but that could change this week as they are home versus the Broncos.

So, we find some bargains and plug them into the Lineup Generator and here is the lineup that we end up with:

You can see that the generator took the values we unearthed and was able to give us Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley.  Latavius Murray will be a game time decision as if Dalvin Cook plays we may have to pivot.  Plenty of value to make great lineups on Fantasy Factor.

Come join me and if you want to discuss in email, I can always be reached at rick@fantasyalarm.com.

Thanks for playing and BE A FACTOR this year!

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