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Our analysts had an amazing season in DFS NHL last year.  That continues starting today.  For each slate of five or more games we provide our flagship Playbook and Optimal Lineups.  Our Lineup Generator is the only one that integrates analysts’ editorial in the decision making on creating winning lineups.  You get computer analysis PLUS analysts’ information baked in.

The most important thing about FANation is that we are here for you.  We have experts in LIVE CHAT all day to answer any questions you have about your DFS decisions.  It is for members only so you get direct attention constantly.

Just as important, if you have a question, our customer service email is always answered by a founder since we see that as the most important thing we can do is BE THERE FOR YOU.  Just write us at

You can access our NHL features as they come out from our NHL Homepage. Below are all the features that we have for Daily Players for NHL for the 2020-2021 season.   

NHL Features & Tools

Our daily fantasy sports content is baked into our tools which is not possible from a blog site or an older site that does not have leading edge technology.  Here is what to expect in hockey for the 2020-2021 season.

  • DFS PlaybookOur flagship product lays out for daily fantasy sports players only the players to invest in for that day’s slates.  It is complete with salaries for FanDuel, DraftKings and Yahoo! and a deep breakdown of why you should use these players.
    • Full Playbooks and Core Plays will be provided on days with 4 or More Games
    • Days with 3 Games will have a Write-up breaking down each game and Core Plays
    • 1-to-2 Game slates will not have coverage but please take advantage of our Subscriber chat and Tools for Single Game contests
  • Core Plays – We publish core plays at each position for DraftKings and Fanduel for you to build your lineups around.
  • Daily Starting Lines – We keep up-to-the-minute lines for each team and display them with each matchup, so you can directly compare them to see what lines to exploit in your lineups.  You can see Vegas odds information, salaries, year-to-date stats and daily projections for all players. 
  •  Daily ProjectionsYou get complete sortable daily projections with scoring systems, salaries and values attached updated every 10 minutes until the puck drops. 
  • LIVE Sortable Stats - Complete REAL-TIME & Seasonal sortable stats including deep stats in a sortable way.  We add salaries, projected points and value of those points to each page.
  • Vegas Odds Page – All the Vegas info that you need to make decisions.  This information is layered into the other features.
  • Waiver Wire Articles - For seasonal players we have the weekly waiver wire article posted once a week to bring you the best adds for your seasonal hockey league
  • NHL Injury Report - Updated regularly, never miss out on the injuries around the NHL with analysis on what impact these injuries have in fantasy hockey
  • NHL Podcast - Weekly podcast recaping the previous week and a look ahead of the week to come

Lineup Generator

Welcome to the brand new DFS Lineup Generator! Upon your request we have hand crafted the most sophisticated tool on the market. You can now generate up to 150 lineups and easily export to your favorite daily site. Enjoy the increased functionality including team and player stacks, range for value, salary and projected points. You can adjust the percent of use for ownership in tournaments, pts allowed by position or editors picks straight from the FA playbook. Quickly take into account weather factors and latest performance. Our shiny new lineup generator allows you to use your projections or you can stick with the trusted industry leading Fanjections projections brought to you by Fantasy Alarm. 

Finally, all of us love to hear from FANation.  You can email me directly at If you ever need anything from our staff, our support email will be answered by one of the founders since we think you are that important.  Just write to

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