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Become a Factor: $1,000,000 Survivor & Season Long

As I spelled out for the last two weeks, you need to seek out and find SINGLE-ENTRY tournaments and double ups.  So, that is a great reason to play in daily fantasy sports contests, but what I just found out is that they have seasonal contests too including the $1,000,000 Survivor Pool.

Here are the details for this.  It is of course not easy to win $1M.  Each week for the first three weeks, you will select a team that will simply win their NFL game.  You cannot pick that team for the rest of the contest. For the remaining 14 weeks, you need to pick two teams that will simply win.  So as you can see, you will use 31 of the 32 teams.

Here are some simple tools that you need to help you make your weekly decisions:

  • Vegas Odds for NFL – Look closely at the spreads and try to find the worst team that is favored by the MOST.

  • Strength of Schedule Page – Take a look ahead at all the games for the season and map out how to beat the system and win the million.  Look at each week separately. We suggest that you print this page and actually circle each team(s) that you want for that week.

Survivor pools can become VERY VERY exciting as you make it later in the season.  This pool is great, but seek out other pools too so that you have some variance in your selections each week.

Being a Factor: Season-Long Play

Fantasy Factor also has some FREE Season-Long competition as their goal is to create a more recreational approach to fantasy football.  Factor is giving away tickets to an NFL Playoff Game.

Here's how it works: Simply join the Fantasy Factor Season Long League each week. Weekly points will be totaled for 17 weeks to determine the final standings.  

So, you can make your season-long FREE entry and then play it for cash as well.

Fantasy Factor’s is exclusively single-entry contests giving you a much better chance at winning and creating comradery to have MORE FUN. Fantasy Factor even has a quick pick where you pick 4-5 players in the lineup and they fill it out for you.

Come join me and if you want to discuss in email, I can always be reached at

Thanks for playing and BE A FACTOR this year!

Become a factor today. Right now, get $5 FREE MONEY IMMEDIATELY with any deposit.