Become a Factor: Single Entry Daily Fantasy Sports

Early in the major league baseball season, I was playing daily fantasy on a major website. I was in a $25 double up contest as I like to play eight-to-one cash games to tournaments. I wanted to play in a $12 tournament, so I played four $25 double ups to get to about eight-to-one.  When I was looking at the standings in all my double ups. There they were, all the experts with 15 plus of the same killer lineups: Chipotleaddict, Papagates, Fairweather.

WOW. What did I do to end up with these superstars? 

Well, I simply entered multi-entry contests. Star players can take their best lineup and have it in every double up but easier and more profitable to have them in multi-entries as they push down the others and win.

How do you combat that? 

Well, you seek out and find SINGLE-ENTRY tournaments and double ups. Sometimes you can find good ones, but you still might have those players in your tournaments as they already have a killer lineup on those sites. So, getting started can be as easy as making sure you get into a site that only has single-entry and is trying to take at least that one frustration out of daily fantasy sports.

Become a Factor: Single Entry Daily Fantasy Sports

What we will do today is get your familiar with Fantasy Factor. They are not new. The Factor has been running with a smaller more fun community of single-entry players for a couple of years.

Fantasy Factor’s mission is exclusively single-entry contests giving you a much better chance at winning and creating comradery to have MOE FUN.

The atmosphere at Fantasy Factor is more recreational, with flatter prize pools and smaller contests. Fantasy Factor even has a quick pick where you pick four-to-five players in the lineup and they fill it out for you. So don’t lose money. Make the games more fun and play in a community that love sports.

Today, I am playing in a simple $2 MLB PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT contest on their site to get ready for NFL. Like to get used to a site with low cost entries and connect with their community.

Playing is as easy as draft, score and win.


Let’s break down one potential lineup for tonight using the Fantasy Factor salaries. Without the Fantasy Alarm tools for this (yet – we are adding this site as we speak for NFL), I am forced to use some recency bias which is natural when not making a deep dive into the numbers. The beauty of doing that on Fantasy Factor, is that it is a home run dependent contest to have a shot at winning the progressive jackpot. So here is my lineup with some analysis below.

At starting pitchers, I took the two most dependable guys tonight. They have both been good in their last three games and consistency plus trends equals success is a good equation for victory.

Then, every player selected has a good chance at a home run. Yadier Molina is at Coors so that increases his opportunity and catcher is a tough spot to get a dinger from. J.D. Martinez is a first baseman or outfielder in this game so I take the American League home run leader at first base. Rougned Odor faces a righthander who he should be able to hit tonight. Maikel Franco has two home runs in his last ten games. Francisco Lindor has great power versus weak righthanders. No one is hotter maybe in all of baseball than Ronald Acuna jr. Then, to get all those good guys, we have to take some cheap shots. Two that work for me is the super-hot Nicky Delmonico and the 20 home runs and 100 RBI in 2017, Nomar Mazara.

So that is the lineup and how we will roll. I will be writing about my experiences and learning on this every week so come join me and if you want o discuss in email, I can always be reached at

Thanks for playing and BE A FACTOR this year!

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