WinView Games is the Perfect Compliment to Fantasy Sports

In 1989, I was part of the development team for the first online fantasy baseball game, Baseball Manager.  It was online on PRODIGY, an IBM, Sears and CBS joint venture to bring connectivity to America like MiniTel had done for France.  We developed tons of different games since then for PRODIGY, and over the years.

What I learned was that people who played different styles of games, played them for two reasons: (1) the playability was similar; (2) the game compliments something the user was already doing.  With fantasy sports, we see both things.  Number two is the reason they started playing fantasy sports.  Either they were watching games or analyzing statistics and now fantasy sports complimented that.  Many seasonal players are now playing daily fantasy sports casually as the playability is similar. 

What gravitates me towards WinView Games is not the playability being similar, it is that it compliments something I am already doing as a fantasy player, WATCHING GAMES.

WinView Games is a perfect compliment to fantasy sports since after your lineup is set, you are going to watch the games.  WinView Games affords you the opportunity to enjoy the game while playing a game within a game.  The predictions are non-intrusive and come pre-inning, before at-bats and mid-inning ONLY.  This allows you to watch the game for your players, but when you don’t have the pitcher or the hitter in any lineups, you can have some skin in the game

Here are some things to help you get a better understanding so you can play tonight with us:

This great information should allow you to compete in WinView Games.