WinView Games is a predictive game that allows you to watch the games with others in a virtual room, play points on outcomes that you think will happen and either win or lose points based on the actual outcomes.  It is played in tournaments so you are compared to the people who are in your room.

Getting started is three simple steps:


WinView Games is best used on an APP on your phone.  It is meant to have next to you while you are watching the games.  It is meant to be a two-screen experience.  So the first thing you have to do is to download the app and sign up.  There are two ways to get the App:

Once you have downloaded the APP, the next step is to sign up.  It is really easy.  I used the Facebook button to get signed up.  If you prefer to enter info, then you can do that easily.  After I signed up, I deposited $50.  Seemed like an easy amount to check out if this was right for me.  Below I will explain to you as a beginner how to grow that so you can play for a long time even if you are not great at this yet. 

Remember, the purpose of this site is to teach and play with you.  We will all make the games more fun to watch and hopefully make a little money along the way.


So, once you have an account and have loaded it with a couple of bucks (or you can play for free of course), it is time to figure out what games to play.  The rule of thumb is to play the games that you plan or want to watch.  WinView will have a lot of rooms available for nationally televised games and those will be the most fun and exciting to play. Selecting a game that is local to you will make it also more likely that you know more about them and the game.

When you first get started, they have BEGINNER rooms.  These are great to get started with, pay games especially, since they are easier to win.  We recommend $2 games for you to start with and that is all I play.  I love to play 10-15 games a night at $2.


Each game that WinView has available rooms for has a PRODUCER.  Their job is to make predictions that make the game really fun.  They also are always chattering so you are watching the game with them and the folks that are in your room.  This site is created to give you information about the games and we will be adding WinView only tools to give you the information to make smarter predictions, but really, it is FUN to predict things and then watch the game to see what happens.  It is all about FUN.  It is about making the games more fun to watch.


So, if you got this far, you have tenacity.  You also, know some history behind how technology emerged to make contests that make the games more fun to watch in REAL-TIME are now possible.  We know that the people at WinView Games are dedicated to making the experience the best that it can be and creating an eco-system that allows fans to excite, engage and enjoy during sporting events. 

We hope that you will play with us.  When you see the image to the left, you know that is me.  My handle is fullmoonws.  My email is if you have any questions or want me to tell the folks at WinView what changes they should make to make the games more fun to watch for you…with WINVIEW!