Lineup Optimizers/Generators use qualitative data to create their lineups based on past performance and projected future in raw numbers. Projections cannot predict “UPSIDE”. Choosing players for lineups should not be derived from numbers, but instead from analysts who WATCH GAMES and then analyze mounds of data to determine value including “upside”. Our generator takes our analysts’ views on players combines 30+ numerical metrics to determine a player’s value. Then since it is built on a neural network, it learns how to get better as the season goes on by evaluating its performance against real results.

Straight numerical analysis from other Lineup Generators cannot deliver the “upside” necessary to consistently win at daily fantasy sports. So, join the DFS Playbook PRO to unlock this information from our analysts being used exclusively in our Lineup Generator. We think that using 30+ metrics and logic from the Fantasy Alarm team will create better lineups, but the best lineups will be produced with all the info factored in. 

The rebuild of this product allows it to be a 100x faster since every choice does not have to go to back to the server.  We download the information we need at the start-up and you the power of your device is used to succeed.  We hope that you see this right away and enjoy the speed with which we can serve lineups based on your preferences.

Ok. Let’s dive in.  Here is how to use the Lineup Generator

The above section allows you to select your scoring system First thing you should do is select your DFS Scoring system using that button that looks like the below.  We support FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo!, Real-Time Daily and FantasyDraft.  This sets the scoring system, roster definition, salary cap configuration and UNIQUE algorithms for you for that SITE.  In the below example, we selected Fantasy Draft to show you that the unique positional requirements are displayed as they only use IF, OF, UTIL and P.

In the middle section is whether you are playing in DOUBLE-UP or 50-50 contests known as CASH games or playing in Tournaments for more people called GPPs.

The section on the right is the strategies that you would like to employ.  We currently have three strategies: Standard refers to our recommended balanced approach; Power refers to an emphasis on the players most likely to hit home runs; Volume refers to an emphasis on the hitters in the early part of the lineup for their team.

The next section has the ability for you to select which games will be used to generate lineups.  You can use only this and then click the green GENERATE button to create lineups.  As you can see above, I have eliminated Detroit and Tampa Bay.  This will also filter the players that you will see in the next section.

This is the section where you can research, find and then LOCK or X Exclude players to work the Generator to create lineups that you like.  On the top, if you want to view your excluded players, you can select the Excluded tab.  Each column is sortable, and the picture of the search opens up NATIVE search. What that means is that it will filter any lines by what you type. So, you want all players with $8500 salary, just type 8500 into the box. You want all players on the Yankees, type ‘NYY’. This makes it easier.

The picture of the filter will display these sliders to help to filter players.  You can select the points or salaries that you want to filter by and only those players will show up.  If you select the green GENERATE button with these selected, it will NOT take into account these filters when generating.  It is only to find players to LOCK or EXCLUDE.

NOTE: There are restrictions. You cannot lock more players than the scoring system can use at a position and you cannot exclude more than 20 players. Other than that, have at it.

Next, you should use the filters to find some players that you want to EXCLUDE or LOCK and then click on the GENERATE button and create a lineup.  Above is an example of one that came out of the generator based on my settings and what I put in.  It has my locked Max Scherzer in it.  It filled out with players only in the games selected. Solid players and a solid lineup.  

Now I have some choices about how to work with this. 

  • Click SAVE to SAVE this lineup in my saved list. You can save as many as you want.
  • Click the X on some players that I don’t like and GENERATE  a new lineup.
  • Click on the EXPORT button to create
  • Click RESET to start all over.

Using the SAVED LINEUPS button allows you to manage all your saved lineups.  Deleting the lineups, you do not want and saving the ones for play or to EXPORT for UPLOAD to either FanDuel or Draft Kings currently.

We are proud of this product, but it is not without a disappointment.  Many of you have told us that you want to create multiple lineups.  You want a Lineup Generator that generates.  Well, in this we did not succeed with a completely automated system for this.  Without using flawed algorithms to generate DIFFERENT lineups we could not GUARANTEE that the lineups would all be different if say you requested ten (10) lineups be generated.  We will keep working to find a solution.

It is very important to note that we create products, content and services for YOU.  We want your feedback to get better.  This is a very difficult product to get right and companies are built around ONLY this product so if we are going to be able to make a Lineup Generator that will be good enough for you to use as our customers, we need your feedback. 

It is important enough that I want you to send it to me directly at

Thanks so much for listening and we hope that you enjoy this tool to give you information to make better lineups.