Fantasy Alarm Redesigned Mobile and Desktop Experience for FANation

Today is a great day at

All year, we wanted to redevelop to support our mobile users and give our customers a better more engaging and immersive experience.

In the early part of the year, the tech team rebuilt the infrastructure of to speed the delivery of our content and tools plus shorten the timeframe from ideas to implementation for surfers, subscribers and partners.  This was the first step.

Today, we deliver in a mobile-first design with a wider look on desktop.  The most important reason for this is that over 64% of access to comes through an on-the-go device.  Your experience was not the worst in the fantasy sports industry, but it was simply not the best.  Now, the entire site is laid out differently on the mobile device and is an experience so good that there will soon be no need for our award-winning app.

The best way to use the new site is to select the sport that you want either from the top menu or the menu that lays directly below the cover stories.  This will give you access to everything you need right from the homepage or from the sports page.  For FANation, starting from the Playbook PRO page was never easier.  We made a big button on mobile for you to get to it right away. Poke around, enjoy the new look and send you thoughts to me directly at

In early 2017, our culture changed at when we adopted a “team” approach in all areas.  Everyone at got on board.  Additionally, we have included every member in FANation in the process of making their HOME for Fantasy Sports by listening more. These two things have made us more excited to work hard and made us more efficient plus better on all levels and in all areas of the company.

Normally, in a note like this, it would be at this point that I would throw accolades to designers, developers, department heads, executives and most important FANation members who added insights along this journey.  Not with, it is not necessary.  We are a team from top to bottom and when the team wins, WE ALL WIN. 


In 2017, you told us to focus on function in our tools, accuracy in our deep content and on-time delivery for our services.  We delivered with a schedule approach to EVERYTHING and integrated content with tools in the same feature with our coaches.  We reworked our tools and will again in 2018 including a redesigned launch of the Lineup Generator before the NFL season.  These things will make being a member of FANation more fun and more profitable.

We also made great radio which paid off two weeks ago when The Fantasy Alarm Show with Howard Bender and Jim Bowden won the coveted industry award from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association for The Best Radio Show of 2017

The Fantasy Alarm team also dominated coverage for all sports with over 4100 features and 50+ tools and an extremely strong performance in daily fantasy sports including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, MMA, NASCAR and WNBA.  The team approach allowed us to speak in many voices to FANation so that more opinions would help with the overall analysis.

FANation responded by growing the community to record numbers.  As always, we re-invested EVERY dime back into the company to make it better. 

After the Super Bowl, it is important to know that there is much more to FANation than NFL football.  Playing other DFS sports keeps your analysis sharp and enables to you have fun all year round with sports.  I am playing NBA DFS about four times a week and watching the late games with my tablet reading the Jim Bowden Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide each night.  It is a complete experience.  Playing single-entry and double ups with some success to get a bankroll ready for MLB.

Remember, if you decide to leave: (1) you will not be guaranteed the same pricing; (2) you will not be able to participate in exclusive contests like we did for the Super Bowl; (3) you will not have access to all sports for DFS like I describe above; (4) you will not have access to off-season football content and MLB draft content like the Jim Bowden Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide; (5) most importantly, you will not be part of a burgeoning community, FANation, with your money being reinvested to improve your HOME for Fantasy Sports by getting better, stronger and faster in 2018 on all fronts.

Here are some things that we will be investing in the coming months for ONLY for FANation Members:

  • Cash Prize Contests for March Madness and many other sporting events like the Kentucky Derby
  • Direct Access to Our Team
  • Live Streaming for MLB, NBA and Off-Season NFL
  • New Communication Mechanisms like Real-Time Chat to connect with Our Team
  • Personalization of Tools to Automatically Sync with Your Existing Leagues
  • Audio from our Radio Shows & Podcasts from Our Team
  • Re-Engineering of Our Lineup Generator to Provide More Winning Lineups

These are some things that are on our list to accomplish in the coming months, but we want to hear from you.  If you are a member of FANation, please write to me directly at  We want to hear how to spend your money to make your home for fantasy sports the best on the Internet and we will not rest until it is.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your support.

Rick Wolf

Proud President,