Play FAST with Fanball’s Number System For DFS


In the early 90s, I began playing fantasy football.  I read a publication EVERY week called Fantasy Football Weekly.  It had ground breaking reports and information produced by none other than Fantasy Sports Hall of Famer and President of the FSTA, Paul 

The new Fanball, or Fanball 2.0, relaunched in July the brand with a concept that I believe will reinvent daily fantasy sports and be a great platform for seasonal players to get started and fans to play without getting swallowed by sharks.  They are getting it right FAST:

  • FAIRNESS: Creating an environment for all players to have fun by giving numbers to each person so that they will play against players of similar skill.  Also, they are eeping multi-entry sharks from ruining the experience of more casual players by limiting entries to a maximum of ten (10) in any contest.

  • ATTENTION: Of course, I asked questions to service immediately, and I got AI answers each time that answered my questions.  If I needed more, I could get a human to answer so they have us covered.

  • SAFETY: Protecting all the funds with LeagueSafe, the industry’s leading funds protector.

  • TRADITION: Keeping with their tradition of excellence


When you go to, you will be able to get started on creating a number by having them ask you simple questions.  Not many, just enough to get started.  Each time you play on, you will be rated for your play and your number could be adjusted.  This will provide for the numbers to become more accurate the more you play.  Constant participant number changes make the system impossible to beat.

Contests will be set up for ranges of numbers to keep them fair.  This will allow newer players or players who tried daily fantasy sports and lost money to sharks to feel like they can swim in the pool.


We are so excited for the relaunch that we are going to create leagues over there each week and challenge similar numbers to play with us.  We will get Fantasy Alarm staff at all levels to play against you in simple double up contests starting with Week 1 of the NFL.  So get your number.  Post it below  in the comments and get ready to play FAST, with fairness, attention,  safety and the tradition that makes fantasy sports great.