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We have the TOOLS.  We have the TALENT. 

Playbook PRO includes Draft Guides & 12 months coverage in four sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL.

Playbook PRO includes daily fantasy sports coverage in every sport that we can get coverage for you that will help you win.  We will NOT cover sports with bad analysts.  Currently we are covering NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA, PGA, NASCAR, MMA.

We cover college sports for NCAA Tourney and for H2H College games (seasonal only as NCAA for DFS is not legal and we do not promote things that are not legal.

Playbook PRO includes tools for all sports with as many as 30 different tools for NFL and a minimum of five for all the sports that we cover. 

Playbook PRO includes a Lineup Generator that currently delivers single lineups and can be used to make determinations by the users for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and is evolving by using Neural Networks to learn how to get better each day.

Playbook PRO includes exclusive live streams, videos and podcasts.

Playbook PRO includes direct access to everyone on our staff (almost 40 now) for any questions, information, clarifications and learning that you need to be a better fantasy sports player.  We want you to save time, get smarter and have more fun.

Here is a link to show you all the deep coverage from Fantasy Alarm for NFL ONLY.  We cover seven other sports too.  It should help you understand how deep we go in each sport and this doesn’t have off-season or NFL Draft coverage in it which we do also.

Click here to see complete coverage from for the NFL season. 

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