We are excited to launch our new Lineup Generator tool here at Fantasy Alarm. We want to take this time to describe in greater detail the changes we’ve made and how to best utilize this tool to maximize your ability to win at DFS. It is best if you have a process to use this tool and we believe that it really is as easy as 1-2-3.

STEP ONE: Select Provider and Contest Type

When you first pull up the new Optimizer tool, you’ll notice that it looks a bit different. We have added a few new cool features that gives it a new look and feel but ultimately, helps you delve deeper into your customization of the lineup to ensure you are getting the best lineup based on your specifications. Simply start by choosing your provider. Currently, we display DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo! DFS and FantasyDraft. After choosing your provider, you’ll notice that the lineup specs, salaries and projections are loaded for each one specifically.

Then, simply choose the games / teams you want included. We’ve made this easy for you by adding a “Slates” bar that will allow you to choose between “All Day”, “Early” and “Main”. It will automatically choose the games from those slates and allow for further customization if you choose. For example, if you aren’t thrilled about anybody facing a certain pitcher - you can exclude just that one team. Or, if you are frightened off by weather in a city creating a potential delay or PPD, you can simply click off that entire game to avoid it.

Finally, you can now also choose whether you want to have a cash or “GPP” (Tournament) style lineup. The algorithm is different and will suggest players suited better for each of the types of games.

STEP TWO: Player Preferences

Now that you have selected your preferences for provider, slate and Cash/GPP, you can get more deeply into the actual players you’d like to see in your lineup. You can “lock”, “like” or “exclude” certain players and when the lineup in generated, it will take these into consideration. If you “lock” a player, that player will automatically be in the generated lineup. If you “like” a player, the algorithm will give that player a slight tick up and you may see them more often. If you “exclude” a player, that will eliminate them from your lineup all together.

STEP THREE: “Generate” and Win

When you have your preferences set, the next step is to click the big, green “GENERATE” button and then plug those lineups in your favorite provider and WIN. That’s it.

Now, in this example, it doesn’t end with step three.  We always encourage you to come back early and often to see how trends throughout the day affect the lineup generator. We take into consideration many factors as the day progresses. The lineup that is generated at 10:00 AM may look vastly different than the one that is generated right before lineup lock. That’s because our algorithm is always adapting to ownership projections, lineup spots and even the analysis of our DFS team in the Playbook and Optimal Lineups.

Other elements that you’ll want to know how to use include the “Reset” button. That red button will wipe the slate clean and allow you to start from scratch. The only area that won’t change when you press “reset” is the provider and type of contest. All slates, games and player preferences will reset to the defaults. Also, you can name and save your lineups and come back to them when you’re ready to load up at your favorite DFS sites.

Oh, and don’t think we are sitting around admiring our work. We are already beginning to build in new features that will be unveiled throughout the season to further this lineup generator into the best in the business. Options like stacking certain teams, generating multiple lineups at a time, and more. That’s coming. Feel the excitement and then get over to the new Generator and begin building your winning lineups. Learn. Play. Win. Now.

So what are you waiting for?