It's a Brave New World at Fantasy Alarm

Over the last three years, Fantasy Alarm became a leader in fantasy sports by producing some of the best radio on the planet and developing technology to save fantasy players time by providing them with alerts and the mobile access necessary to make sure owners start their best lineup every single day. Today, they will announce that I have joined the team and will be helping them stay on the path to success by continuing to invest in technology, content and radio.  


Our convergence began more than nine months ago while working with a brilliant former ESPN writer; we put together a technology/content plan that was rooted in fantasy sports. We created a plan and showed it to some people in major media who told us that it was too aggressive. This fall, we shared that plan with the leaders at Fantasy Alarm. They said: “Great Scott.” Ok, maybe that’s not an exact quote, but when Fantasy Alarm shared their plan, we realized that if the two blueprints were merged, they’d be far better than either plan alone. The end result – a new home for fantasy sports players nationwide.

Fantasy Alarm began that journey with the acquisition of two key cornerstones of the plan: & Fantasy Alarm already had my favorite Radio personality in Jeff Mans, but both these moves were also about the people. Ray Flowers is simply the best in the business and the go-getters at could make sure we were successful by giving us a team of never say die champions.

When we started working together, we recognized that many of the critical elements overlapped with my past successes at SportsLine USA (became after a 1997 public offering) and (bought by NBC Universal in 2006). We needed innovation, dedication, hard work and most importantly, a belief in what we were doing and strong drive to be the very best. That is when we went Back to The Future.

In 2014 and beyond, you will see many changes in Fantasy Alarm. Here are a few of our goals:

  1. Community: Our goal is to create a place where everyone feels like they belong. We will do anything and everything to make sure that you are part of the site and our success.
  2. Entertain: Create a one-to-one connection with everyone who comes to the site so you can feel that you can reach out to us and be a part of something great, while enjoying yourself each day on the site. Never forget – fantasy sports is supposed to be FUN.
  3. Scheduled Daily: Starting in February, we will publish daily schedules so that when you come to the site for your MORNING ALARM, you can know what to expect at the NOON WHISTLE and the CLOSING BELL.
  4. Valuable Tools: We will invest in technology to bring the best tools to all fantasy players, but especially for those participating in daily fantasy sports contests.
  5. Your Home: Make a place that you feel like is YOURS.

Never forget that we are here for YOU. Rome wasn’t built in a day so features will continue rolling out past baseball’s first pitch, but rest assured, we are dedicated to making sure we build the best Delorean possible to deliver you fantasy sports championships. We want to hear from you, so please do not ever hesitate to write to me directly at (speaking of Back to the Future - I was and once upon a time as well).

So remember, fantasy sports is about winning, but more importantly about making the games more engaging to watch and having fun. There is enough crap in the world, so have as much fun as you can…and don’t worry, if you aren’t awake when the good times are rollin’…

We’ll set off the Fantasy Alarm