Ok. So, I thought that I could post a column or correspondence without a movie so that it would be faster but I just couldn’t do it.  The Change-Up is the story of two friends.  One is a lawyer, married with three children and living a boring life.  The other is a lazy, single, light porn actor in the prime of his sexual life. They piss into a magic fountain and change bodies forcing them to live with each other’s reality.  Well, whether you're a light porn actor or a lawyer or somewhere in between, we have a new normal at FantasyAlarm.com. 

As I wrote yesterday, we surveyed our customers last September and took their advice as to what to do to make the site better.  We launched a new site yesterday that had some errors in it and surprised some people who may not have responded to the survey or just wanted to do things the way they did the day before.  There were some things that were awful when we launched.  We have addressed most of them very quickly and have prioritized the rest. 


We made some mistakes like Leslie Mann eating the Thai food.  “Don’t back that thing up to me.  Come in all guns blazing.” There is still a lot to do and we will be working around the clock to make sure that all the content, features and analysis that you know and trust will become more accessible and easier to access.  Here are some of the mistakes and what we are doing:

  • Communication – We surveyed you last September, but we did not tell you what suggestions we were taking and that this was coming.  You woke up.  “Great day. Going to go talk NBA on Fantasy Alarm with my buddies.” Then it was like “Oh S4!^, what happened to my Fantasy Alarm?”  This is on us.  We need to communicate better and we promise.  This is your site.  We will do another survey late next week to give you a chance to tell us what to change. If you cannot wait, please send any suggestions to rick@fantasyalarm.com and any errors or specific complaints using the Support button.

  • Navigation to Playbooks, DFS Rankings and Optimal Lineups – We didn’t have these items in the menus and in our DFS menus on the left of the homepage, they did not light up until our analysts completed them.  We shut off your ability to talk to each other.  We recognized it early, but looked for the best solution and didn’t find it.  We should have just done what we did last night.  We have these links in our main menu for you to get to as you wish.  We will work through a better solution as soon as we can.  Send in your ideas.


  • Early Access to Optimal Lineups – We inadvertently took this away also.  We are engineering this back as soon as possible.  We will manually post this page first thing in the morning so you have that.


  • Mobile - One big mistake we made was that the DFS Playbook did not work well on mobile.  We reviewed all pages on mobile, but we didn’t do a great job with the DFS Playbook.  Last night, we worked through the night and updated the Playbook and Optimal Lineups pages.  You need to navigate to them directly as the DFS Playbook homepage is still not rendering well on mobile.  We are working on it with high priority, but it is not trivial, so please go directly to features.


  • Tools – Real-time stats didn’t sort last night nor did the projections.  The projections also have to be manually updated to the current day.  We will have that automated again and the tools all will have sortable columns as soon as possible.


  • Refresh – We turned this on for all pages inadvertently when on the old site we had strategically shut it off on all pages that are not dynamic.  We made a sweep through pages and set it off strategically. If you see any that should not be refreshing, please contact us.


This is, of course, what the two main characters say when they are about to be changed back to themselves.  Well, I am not ready to take a piss.  I know some of you have been pissing on the new design / website, but it is more than just the site, we rebuilt a lot of the systems.  In order to keep up with what you want, we need to be able to adapt quickly to creating features, functions and tools.  So I am asking for your trust that we will always do three things: (1) listen to your complaints, demands and suggestions; (2) communicate fairly and often about what we can and cannot accomplish for number 1; (3) work hard to execute to develop the things from number 1.  We have a motto here: do the best you can and live with the results.  We will always do the best we can for you.

“Life doesn't always turn out exactly how you planned it. Sometimes, just sometimes, it turns out better”