Tout Wars this past weekend with Glenn WAS GREAT.  It still overwhelms and makes me feel like Forrest Gump.  Smart players.  Good people.  Not enough comedy since Matthew Berry left the Tout Wars AL league.  We really miss him.  His genuine strong feelings for all the guys.  His connection with all the guys is deep and real.  You cannot do everything.  Missed you TMR, although something Jeff Erickson said made Glenn Colton laugh harder than you have ever made him laugh.  We really missed Joe Sheehan too.  Another real funny, smart guy.

The reason I bring up TMR is because I am referring to a movie with a funny guy that we miss too, Robin Williams.  Now, we miss them for different reasons, thank G-d. Now, Berry’s brand of humor reminds me more of Steve Martin than the raw manic silliness of Robin Williams.  However, when thinking about doing Doubt Wars tonight, I could not get Mrs. Doubtfire out of my head.  Doubt Wars is just shadow drafting for Tout Wars and has NOTHING to do with nannies or Mork and there isn’t even any six degrees of Robin Williams that even gets you to Doubt Wars or Tout Wars.  Although, you can get from Matthew Berry to Robin Williams.  Berry wrote for Married With Children starring Ed O'Neill.  Ed O'Neill did Little Giants with Rick Moranis. Rick Moranis was in My Blue Heaven with Carol Kane. Carol Kane was in Princess Bride with Billy Crystal.  Billy Crystal was in Father's Day guessed it...Robin Williams. Phew.  That was a lot.  Well, so what? This is my movie today.

“If you like that handsome rugged type. But personally I prefer short, furry and funny.”

Well, not furry for me. Mrs. Doubtfire is the story of a man who is going through a divorce from his wife (Sally Field), without a good job and missing his kids.  Out of desperation, he sabotages the application process for a nanny being executed by his ex-wife and then applies for the job.  When needing an interview, he employs the talents of his brother, a make-up artist to turn him into the latex masterpiece that is Eugenia Doubtfire.  So, I get that is a stretch to talk about a movie about a broken man’s desperation, but making my teams, that is what it felt like. 

Some links as an appetizer:

I hope you bring cocktail sauce. She's got the crabs, dear, and I don't mean Dungeness.

Pos WOLFMAN AL   $$ Pos COLTON AL   $$
C Hannigan Ryan 1 C McCann Brian 18
C Soto Geovany 2 C Suzuki Kurt 2
1B Moss Brandon 18 1B Santana Carlos 28
2B Lawrie Brett 16 2B Cano Robinson 31
SS Reyes Jose 24 SS Escobar Alcides 18
3B Sandoval Pablo 20 3B Freese David 11
CI Santana Carlos 28 CI Morales Kendrys 11
MI CabreraE Everth 8 MI Gregorius Didi 8
OF Trout Mike 47 OF Trout Mike 47
OF DavisR Rajai 13 OF Ackley Dustin 9
OF Cron C.J. 5 OF Snider Travis 4
OF Snider Travis 4 OF Gentry Craig 2
OF Gentry Craig 2 OF Cron C.J. 5
UT Moreland Mitch 2 UT Moreland Mitch 2
    TOTAL 190     TOTAL 196
P Price David 25 P Gibson Kyle 2
P Verlander Justin 11 P Gausman Kevin 11
P Gausman Kevin 11 P Archer Chris 18
P Feliz Neftali 12 P Sabathia CC 6
P SanchezA Aaron 6 P Greene Shane 6
P Gibson Kyle 2 P NorrisD Daniel 2
P McAllister Zach 1 P Mujica Edward 1
P Kelly Joe 1 P Cecil Brett 11
P Mujica Edward 1 P Qualls Chad 6
    TOTAL 70     TOTAL 63


C Cervelli Francisco 4 C Cervelli Francisco 4
C Obrien Peter 2 C Grandal Yasmani 14
1B Rizzo Anthony 32 1B GonzalezA Adrian 27
2B Alcantara Arismendy 15 2B Gyorko Jedd 15
SS Tulowitzki Troy 30 SS Mercer Jordy 6
3B Bryant Kris 19 3B Prado Martin 16
CI Ruf Darin 9 CI Alonso Yonder 12
MI Mercer Jordy 6 MI Kendrick Howie 20
OF Marte Starling 30 OF Marte Starling 30
OF Upton Justin 29 OF Upton Justin 29
OF Guerrero Alexander 7 OF Fowler Dexter 17
OF Bourjos Peter 1 OF Bourjos Peter 1
OF Taylor Michael 5 OF Brown Domonic 6
UT Hart Corey 2 UT HerreraO Odubel 1
    TOTAL 191     TOTAL 198
P Zimmermann Jordan 22 P Leake Mike 5
P Rodriguez Francisco 10 P Nelson Jimmy 8
P Parnell Bobby 6 P Zimmermann Jordan 22
P Garza Matt 7 P Petit Yusmeiro 2
P Hammel Jason 7 P Cosart Jarred 2
P Nelson Jimmy 8 P Morton Charlie 2
P Leake Mike 6 P Cishek Steve 17
P Marshall Evan 2 P Soriano Rafael 2
P Cosart Jarred 1 P Marshall Evan 2
    TOTAL 69     TOTAL 62

Oh, you wicked, wicked man! Isn't there enough flesh here to feast your eyes on?

There is a lot to digest here.  That is why we posted it.  It is fun to always have to dive into a movie.  If you want to suggest movies to me you can reach me @RickWolf1 or  Send me some movies that you would like to reminesce about with me.  For this movie that I have seen 20 times, the part of the movie that is simply the best is when he tries to handle both  the family dinner and the business dinner as two different people.  It parallels life in a way and not to get too esoteric with you, but isn't that what we do all the time.  We balance home life and work life.  That balancing act every once in while has us showing up at one table as the wrong guy.  We all try not to have the phone out at the dinner table, on the coaching lines, at the play recital.  It happens.  We all try not to have to leave an important meeting to call home to check on things, but we have to. So as Mrs. Doubtfire says out of jealousy for Pierce Brosnan: 

Sink the sub. Hide the weasel. Park the porpoise. A bit of the old Humpty Dumpty, Little Jack Horny, the Horizontal Mambo, hmm? The Bone Dancer, Rumpleforeskin, Baloney Bop, a bit of the old Cunning Linguistics?