Forgive me father for I have sinned.  Yes.  I will admit it.  Jennifer Lawrence is less than half my age, but she is an intelligent, gorgeous, talented young actor that I am compelled to stare at. It is not the beauty.  It is the attitude.  In American Hustle, she says “I knew that Pete was going to go over there and knock some sense into your head. I've been reading this book Irving. It's by Wayne Dyer. The Power of Intention. And my intention in sending Pete over to you was that so you could come up with this plan. So, you're welcome.”

I still laugh every time I see that attitude.  The Live and Let Die Scene is awesome.

In the Hunger Games, she plays a reluctant Mesiah, a young girl who is selected to represent her district in an annual sacrifice competition with only one survivor.  She is an archer with a cunning that allows her to survive through guile, intelligence and athleticism.  That is what you need to win in fantasy sports...well, not athleticism.

All this oogling over a 25 year old does not make me a lecher.  I also marvel at watching Bryce Harper’s bat speed or Mike Trout crushing a LONGBALL and they are younger than her.  Well, I guess it is a cop out to use this movie today but I am HUNGRY (and smitten by Jennifer Lawrence).  Hungry to make the games more fun to watch and have more fun NOW and during the 2015 Major League Baseball Season.

So, at the beginning of the month Glenn Colton and I flew to Phoenix to meet up with our partner Stacie Stern to compete in the League of Alternative Reality.  I lost a bet to the Legend Lenny Melnick and had to wear Jorts (cut off jean shorts).  It was bad.  He was a great sport in bringing the rags that he wore last year, in case I did not remember mine.  Now that would have been humiliating. 

So, now is a great time to play some other games.  Here are the ones we are playing at the Alarm.  Why don’t you come play with me and the Fantasy Alarm team?

Fantasy Aces – Daily Fantasy Hoops

For a lot of people playing daily fantasy sports is about trying to win money.  I have found that although I rarely make money playing daily fantasy sports when I do, it is enough to allow me to play for a long time.  So getting some wins under the belt allows me to play every day which is what I am doing over at Fantasy Aces now.  Why Fantasy Aces and not the others?  Well, simple.  I can get to know people over there as all the players are easy to find and approachable because there are not millions playing against me tonight.  And the best reason is the same reason.  Since there are not millions playing over there tonight, I have a better chance to actually win.  I am not a great basketball guy, but now I watch games and have a vested interest.  Here is what I do: (1) look at the DFS playbook; (2) select a team of players that are from there; (3) watch the lineups and news to see bargains; (4) switch the bargain in for a middle player and change another middle player to a top tier player.

Get in the Game – 100% Bonus Match with Your First Deposit

H2H Salary Cap Baseball

For those interested in taking a deep dive into the game and my strategy for playing, you can read my House of Cards column from two weeks ago. I have been playing this game for more than a decade and there are a handful of things I love about it.  In its simpliest form, it is a salary cap game with a $100M cap.  The players NEVER change salaries until the All-Star break so if you find a diamond in the rough, you get to keep him every week.  Every week, you play a head-to-head matchup giving you the good feeling about competing and the trash talking comraderie that comes with it all.  It has been around for more than 20 years so you can rest assured you will be paid quickly if you win.  Best of all is the League Prizes.  Win your 32 person league and you could win $4,000. 

Get in the Game – Use Promo Code “20years” for a 20% Discount

Play Versus The Fantasy Alarm Team in Our League: Fantasy Alarm – Password: fantasyalarm

RotoDerby – Home Run Derby Sports Contests

Chicks dig the longball.  Ray Flowers digs the longball. We all want a simple to play game that we can follow all season that gives us some joy and you could win some good money.  I won $625 last year in the $60k Longball Derby. Many of my friends won too.  The folks at RotoDerby reached out and asked if The Fantasy Alarm Team would play against everyone and we said yes.  They are running a FREE contest to compete against us on RotoDerby and I could not be happier.  We took projections from Todd Zola and posted them with the RD points (5xHR + RBI – K). Simply click “Select Scoring System” and change to RotoDerby.  We will load in salaries shortly.

Get in the Game – Play EASY Home Run Derby Game

Shandler Park – Play Monthly Rotisserie Games

Do you like the work of figuring out who will be the best value in a Rotisserie league?  Now you can do it monthly.  There are some twists and turns since the games are created by Ron Shandler, but overall, it is creating a standard 23 player Rotisserie team and playing against nine other people in a league style game.  You draft 32 players with $300 and play 23 of them in each weekly lineup for four weeks.  The only twist is the 4x4 categories. For hitters, it is HR, SB, OBP and Runs Produced (R + RBI – HR). For pitchers, it is (W + QS), Solds (S + Holds), K and ERA.  There is no WHIP used.

Get in the Game – Play Real Rotisserie Action EVERY Month.

Follow the Greatest Teams of All-Time

Every March, the Madness that is Jeff Mans creates something fun for our audience.  He didn’t let us down this month.  Each round of the tournament you will be able to VOTE on the Greatest Teams of All-Time. Now, there will not be any 1927 Yankees or 1905 New York Giants.  It is only contemporary teams that you probably know or heard about.  So, check it out and definitely get your Vote in to see who survives The Fantasy Alarm Hunger Games.

That is all I have for today.  Going back to my studying of all things baseball (and maybe some basketball) to make the games more fun to watch, so don’t miss out.