Jeff Mans, Ray Flowers & Glenn Colton from the Fantasy Alarm team will be playing The Fantasy 100, so GET IN THE GAME.

The Fantasy 100 is back like a great sequel.  To me there are a lot of great sequels.  We can’t use Rocky because which one would you pick?  Plus, they are making Rocky X now where Rocky fights his toughest battle between hardening of the arteries and cancer.  So that is out.  The Godfather sequel is great, but everyone dies.  The Wrath of Kahn is good, but Bill Shatner’s overacting KILLS me.  So, that leaves you with the incredible space saga created by George Lucas, Star Wars.  I know I will get hate mail from people who tell me that “The Empire Strikes Back” is Episode V and not strictly a sequel.  I will probably get mail from every Terminator fan and probably even someone saying that Silence of the Lambs is the sequel to Manhunt and won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1991.  Maybe all of these are true, but for me, talking about The Fantasy 100 and Star Wars together is so much MORE fun and a bit self-serving.  So, yeah, let’s do that!

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is the sequel to the story of a young man’s quest to become a Jedi Knight and his journey to fight and defeat the Empire as a member of the Rebel Alliance.  To do this, he learns from a wise old sage, befriends a princess & a renegade pilot to destroy the dreaded Death Star. 

Well, isn’t this what happened with The Fantasy 100?  LMAO.

The sequel is ready, the same cast with only me changing roles from the old man in the cloak to the Jedi Master Yoda.  Luke Skywalker is again played by the visionary owner of The Fantasy 100, Aram VartivarianPrincess Leia is played by the First Lady of Fantasy Sports, Stacie Stern and Hans Solo is again played by the technology star pilot of Head2Head Sports, Jon Revie

With the crew back together, the Rebel Alliance set out to make a game that could be added after the beginning of the season since the first two weeks are cluttered with the end of the summer and with a million daily fantasy sports offers.  So, the great thing about this game is that you can create a team with a lineup in about 2 minutes.  First, let me describe the game, show you my lineup and then you can get in the game and write to me at and tell me how much I suck and how great you are. 

Jeff Mans, Ray Flowers & Glenn Colton from the Fantasy Alarm team will be playing The Fantasy 100, so GET IN THE GAME.


The Fantasy 100 is an extremely simple contest that simple contest that puts 100 players into 10 groups called tiers.  Each participant selects ten (10) NFL players in any tiers provided their aggregate value is a minimum of 50 tiers.  Participants get points based on the NFL players’ on-field statistical performance.  It is that simple.  The fact that it is FREE and that it has such a GREAT prize will make it enormously popular, but what I love is that it is soooo easy to play on my phone.  On the go is the best way to play The Fantasy 100 and the reason that this particular concept was developed.

The prizes are unique too.  In partnership with MGM Resorts, The Fantasy 100 has purchased a penthouse suite for Super Bowl weekend.  The prize will have you and your friends there for the big game with airfare, transportation, hotel and some perks all covered.  WOW.


Since the game is so easy to select a team, telling people the strategy for selecting a team seems silly.  For me, I like to find a couple of diamonds in the rough and then play matchup based on Points vs Each Position in the Fantasy 100 scoring system.  Matchup is important in a contest like this.  So, you can see in my lineup to the right, I went with the Colts since they play the Jaguars with TY Hilton and Ahmad Bradshaw getting me 10 Tier Points each.  With all the troubles at RB, I went with SOLID RBs in the two spots and in the FLEX.  I always make sure I take Jimmy Graham.  You can simply trust you will not strike out at a position that many will take a shot at.  Then I look for matchups with CP and DeAndre.  Easy peasy mac and cheesy as the First Lady likes to say.

No commitment.  Completely FREE.  Easy to play.  Small audience so you will have a better chance to win.  What could be bad about a trip to Vegas for the Super Bowl?

Jeff Mans, Ray Flowers & Glenn Colton from the Fantasy Alarm team will be playing The Fantasy 100, so GET IN THE GAME.