GAME: College Choose ‘Em Challenge | FREE CHEAT SHEET: Excel 2010 | Excel 2003 | PDF | 2014 Tournament Guide

So last night as the bracket is coming in, I am thinking like I do each year: “I don’t know anything about college basketball.”  It doesn’t matter.  I know a lot about math. There is tons of information on the Internet to help me in my quest for dominance.  I can find sample brackets.  I can find complete guides that help me figure it all out.  Most importantly, I can find a fantasy sports game to play for college basketball that I can play my way, by the numbers.  Love to connect with the tournament in a different way than everyone else.

So my cinematic mind begins to work to find the inspiring movie to watch.  Hoosiers? No. Teenwolf? NO! What about a classic that defines exactly what I am doing with this contest: White Men Can’t Jump.  This movie is a classic about a basketball hustler who because of his makeup, look and style, is considered to be easy money for the big time street balling hustlers.  Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) fools Sydney (Wesley Snipes) into believing that he is just some dumb untalented basketball player who is getting “lucky” as he shoots his way to cash.  They team up to learn about basketball and life. 

Well, there is a formula there for Billy Hoyle and there is a formula for me today with Choose Em Challenge today.  Here are your easy steps to making the games more fun to watch by having players on every game day to root for:


You have got to be in it to win it.  So you need to go sign up.  It is quick and easy.  Click here to get started. Plus the scoring system is sooo easy to understand and follow during the games.  If you prefer, you can follow it real-time on the website which works great on mobile devices as well.

GAME: College Choose ‘Em Challenge | FREE CHEAT SHEET: Excel 2010 | Excel 2003 | PDF | 2014 Tournament Guide


First thing you need to do is decide how many games each team will play in the tournament.  Now, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  The most important thing that your bracket needs to do is determine the upset teams who will win a couple of games.  If you don't know what to do with this, get the 2014 Tournament Guide, it has eight different brackets filled out for the premier experts in the college basketball gaming industry.  Here is my bracket.  I went with Creighton, Michigan State and of couse, ASU.



Download your cheat sheet. There is a column colored in green that have the number of games for each team.  Fill in the number of teams that you have each team going in the tournament.  This will make the multipliers for all the players’ season averages.   


Now after you get set up, all you have to do is dominate the competition and win prizes.  The Top 100 win prizes.  Funny thing about trash talking is that it is the main point of our movie today.  The trash talking is epic and spawned “your momma” jokes amongst all my friends.  So, remember when Doug McDermott is whooping up on Andrew Wiggins in the final game, you had better say something like this to the buddies you are beating:

“Your momma so stupid, it takes her two hours to watch 60 Minutes.”


GAME: College Choose ‘Em Challenge | FREE CHEAT SHEET: Excel 2010 | Excel 2003 | PDF | 2014 Tournament Guide