I have dedicated my life to pursuing opportunities that increase the number of fantasy sports players in the world.  I quit great major network jobs twice in order to get back to pursuing this dream. When new ideas come into the space and I find out about them, I always want to help them succeed.  So after watching the Heat win without LeBron tonight, I was thinking about SKYLLZONE, a new partner of Fantasy Alarm. So I loaded up the movie The Terminator to get pumped up to protect my fantasy team like it was Sarah Connor so that John Connor could be born and destroy the machines.

SKYLLZONE created a private contest for us for Wednesday February 26th games only. Just for us. This contest is exclusive for people who find out about it from our site. I am ready to beat those machines.

The contest has a $1000 Prize Pool and it’s FREE.


So what the heck is SKYLLZONE you ask?

SKYLLZONE is a fantasy sports contest where you draft LIVE (snake) and compete in a league versus nine other teams that are drafted by computers in a single day contest.   For fantasy basketball, you draft: 1 Center, 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, 2 UTIL (C, G or F) and 2 Bench (again C, G or F).  Each of the computer opponents has a different draft strategy with different draft rankings making the draft as interesting as your home league.  There are no moves or transactions. You just watch the games and have fun.   

SKYLLZONE uses an easy to follow scoring grid as well.  All positive points which I love:

  • PTS = 1
  • 3PM = 1
  • FTM = 0.5
  • REB = 1.5
  • AST = 1.5
  • STL = 2
  • BLK = 2

If you win your league, you get 20 bucks.  If you beat all the Alarmists, you get $200 more.  FREE.

Here are the reasons that I play SKYLLZONE:

  • Drafting: The best part of fantasy sports is the draft, right?  Well, what if you could do that every week?  Multiple times. Nirvana. 
  • Time Pressure: During your draft, someone is always pushing you to make a pick.  With SKYLLZONE, you take your time.  No time limit.
  • Coordinating the Draft: Don’t you hate coordinating a draft with your friends and getting consensus?  No one likes consensus. 
  • Being Constantly Judged:  Don’t you hate being JUDGED for your picks.  The players you pick are yours.  You watch them play, score and win for you.  You don’t need someone telling you that they would not take Carmelo with your first pick.  You do as you want.


I’ll Be Back – A Sequel Every Week

So with SKYLLZONE, you can draft more often at your own pace, at your own times AND you can take ANY players YOU want without any Judgement Day. My team is on the right, but don’t judge.  I also drafted LaMarcus Aldridge on the bench in case he clears the concussion protocol. I will have a 50+ fantasy point scorer that is ready to plug and play.

Every week on Wednesdays, they will have contests for basketball.  It is FREE, so you won’t have to worry about paying a lot of money to play.  It really is addicting and fun.  I will admit that I am not a great fantasy basketball player, but drafting and then watching my players is so much fun.  So whether you like the original Terminator or Judgement Day or Rise of the Machines, you will love the machines at SKYLLZONE.  So, let me leave you with the words of The Terminator before he destroys the police in Judgement Day


“Trust me.”


Play SKYLLZONE private contest for Wed. – Drafting is OPEN