Scarface: Postseason Shootout

Usually, I recap the week’s action and connect it to a movie that I recently watched.  That seems freaking stupid since there is no learning from week 17 that can help you win a championship and in my mind, if you are obsessing about your keeper or dynasty league now, you don’t need my help.  So, last night just as Kyle Orton threw his Romo-esque interception on the game winning drive to repeat history for the third straight year for the .500 Cowboy chokers, I thought, WTF do you we do now?  How do we have fun in the freezing cold until the Super Bowl?  Well, I ALWAYS play Playoff Fantasy Football games since 1993 when we added them to our LAP League.  For at least the last three years, I create my own league on, invite five friends and hold a draft.  Last year, we also did a draft with Colton & The Wolfman staff.  While at, I noticed that they are running a $125 Postseason Shootout contest that has $150,000 in prizes with $50,000 to the winner

Bam. That made me think of the greatest shootout in movie history in the 1983 saga of Cuban immigrant gone power crazy, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) called Scarface. A brilliant portrayal of a man who thinks he can have everything and will fight to the death to get it.  It is a saga of sex, drugs, lies and kind of absolute power that always corrupts absolutely.  That is true of the Postseason Shootout.  You have all the power and you to get all the way to the top of the leaderboard.

So “Say hello to my little friend” - The Postseason Shootout


  • 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR/TE, 2 Flex, K, DT – 10 player roster
  • You can SELECT ANYONE on ANY Playoff Team.
  • You cannot have more than two players from any one team.
  • No moves after kickoff of the first game on Saturday January 4th.
  • $125 Entry Fee
  • PPR Scoring and Highest cumulative score wins $50,000

There are many ways to play a game like this.  The way I play all postseason Fantasy Football games is to create a sheet of all the players and their average scores.  Then determine how many games each player will likely play based on how I think the playoffs will go.  Then play the highest point totals at each position.  Below are links to the Cheatsheet I created for The Postseason Shootout:

Postseason Shootout Cheatsheet: Download EXCEL | Download PDF


Two warnings about the Cheatsheet:

  • These are for me to play so I removed all players I would NEVER draft so be careful.  Add any players you want from the playoff teams before making your team. 
  • I think that Philly or Green Bay will go to the NFC Championship game.  This cheatsheet has Philly playing three games and therefore their skill position players move to the top of the heap.  You need to change the sheet to work for you.

Here is My Team with projected points on the right:

  • Peyton Manning 93
  • Nick Foles 90
  • Jamaal Charles 52
  • Marshawn Lynch 51
  • AJ Green 38
  • Demaryius Thomas 57
  • LeSean McCoy 63
  • Shane Vereen 38 with upside
  • Phil Dawson 30
  • Seattle DT 33

Why Not Have It All?

It is that easy.  Now, to be clear, I will likely change the grid of how many games each team will win and because of that, will change my lineup ten times before Saturday, but it’s FREE.  So why not?  The Shootout is not the only Playoff Game and I encourage you to play as many as you can.  They make the playoff games a lot of fun to watch.  They make the games exciting.  They give you a rooting interesting in teams and players for all the games.  For Tony Montana, what he saw he captured.  He got money, drugs, sex and power, but when he could not control it all…it all crumbled.  Remember, you don’t always get things right, it can just be fun …


Tony: What you tell 'em?

Manny: I told 'em what you told me to tell 'em, I told 'em I was in sanitation, they didn't go for it.

Tony: Sanitation? I told you to tell 'em that you was in a sanitarium, not sanitation, sanitarium.

Postseason Shootout is EASY & FUN so come GIT SOME