Welcome into NHL player prop central for the season on Underdog Fantasy! Player props are becoming one of the hottest growing things in hockey over the past few seasons and I have definitely taken notice as it adds yet another layer to a great game experience. Throughout this season you will find picks offered on the Underdog site that I find the most appealing as there are many to choose from so that's why I'm here to help you sift through the options. 

For tonight's slate we have 12 games on tap around the NHL and plenty of options for player props! I have highlighted a trio that I will be following tonight that include 3 players around the league for the Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Rangers and Arizona Coyotes. We are starting to get more and more data for these players props now so let's use them to win some money!


NHL Underdog Fantasy Top Picks October 19

Brandon Hagel, Tampa Bay Lightning - HIGHER than 2.5 Shots On Goal

A lot has been said about the Lightning getting old and stale and while that may be true Brandon Hagel has become a star in the making in this offense and is still surronding by so much talent. The winger has played 4 games this season and totaled 14 shots on goal thus far and in the process has topped his prop line of 2.5 shots in every single game! I don't see that slowing down tonight either as he is getting more minutes and the opponent tonight in the Vancouver Canucks allow 36.33 shots on goal this season, the 3rd highest average in the NHL. 

Chris Kreider, New York Rangers - HIGHER than 2.5 Shots On Goal

This is how you know I am unbiased when it comes to making money because as a hockey fan Chris Kreider is one of the most cringe players I have ever watched. That being said, and it needs to be said but anyways Kreider is productive for the Rangers and has scored many goals over the past few seasons for them and that is driven by his frequency of shooting the puck on net. Last season he averaged 2.9 shots on goal per game which may not seem like much but when his prop line is 2.5 that more than enough. This season he has topped his total in all 3 games with 10 total shots on goal and he should have another chance to get it done tonight against the Nashville Predators who allow an average of 29.5 shots on goal, which is around league average. 

Sean Durzi, Arizona Coyotes - HIGHER than 1.5 Shots On Goal

Not everyday you'll try out a blue liner for a player prop with shots on goal but if the stats back it you should at least take a look! The Coyotes are going to be a bad team this season, no debating that but they have some pieces Durzi included that will be productive. Through 3 games this season Durzi has collected 11 shots on goal and has comfortably topped his line of 1.5 shots in every single game thus far. That train may stop at some point for him but tonight against the Blues who allow 32.5 shots on goal per game I don't see it missing so lets roll with him to continue his production, at least for one more game!