Welcome to the newly launched PrizePicks CS:GO DFS article provided by Fantasy Alarm! In this article, I will provide 2-3 of my favorite prop bets from the Prize Pick CS:GO Projections posted on their app! 

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PrizePicks Prop Selections:

m0NESY (G2) - Over 16.5 Kills vs. Complexity - Map One - 9:00 AM ET

Should we back m0NESY in his debut with G2? Perhaps it is a bit risky, but PrizePicks set this total too low for me to stay away. M0NESY finished 2021 with an incredible 1.36 Rating and 0.86 kills per round across 114 maps played with NAVI Junior. The 16 year old AWP prodigy bullied his opponents in the WePlay Academy League, most notably during the first season in which he finished with a 1.64 Rating and 1.02 kills per round across 18 maps played. However, he likely won’t be able to dominate as much now that he is facing tier one competition. Complexity are not exactly the scariest first team to face, but they do have a solid squad, especially now that JT has resolved his visa issues and is playing with the team instead of on high ping. However, M0NESY joined NAVI Junior when he was only 14 years old, so he has been preparing for this moment for a long time and I have confidence in him to perform well. M0NESY clearly has elite aim and game sense, and I think he will quickly prove himself at the tier one level. He has a seven map streak of at least 17 kills, and I think he is capable of continuing that form with the AWP in his hands against a team like Complexity.

I think we could likely see either Vertigo or Inferno as the map here in this best-of-one. M0NESY was excellent on Vertigo with a 1.40 Rating and 0.89 kills per round across 23 maps played in 2021, and he did well on Inferno too with a 1.15 Rating and 0.76 kills per round across 23 maps played in 2021. G2 are heavy favorites, especially given the best-of-one format, and m0NESY should have plenty of opportunities for frags in a winning performance from G2. 

faveN (BIG) - Under 18.5 Kills vs. NiP - Map One - 10:00 AM ET

BIG made a massive move in December 2021 when they acquired faveN, which was the most expensive deal for a German CS:GO player ever. FaveN was a top tier two talent in 2021 with a 1.18 Rating and 0.77 kills per round across 320 maps played with Sprout. His recent stats have looked solid with a 1.21 Rating and 0.80 kills per round in the past three months, but those numbers drop significantly if we just look at his time within the BIG lineup. The sample size is small, but he has averaged a 0.99 Rating and 0.62 kills per round in his 11 maps played with BIG. FaveN had less than 19 kills in eight of those maps, which makes his total on PrizePicks seem questionable at 18.5. 

I think we could likely see either Nuke or Overpass as the map here in this best-of-one. FaveN has averaged 0.69 kills per round in his two maps played on Nuke with this roster, which puts him at fourth highest on the team behind syrsoN, tabseN and even k1to. On Overpass, faveN has averaged 0.63 kills per round in his two maps played on Overpass with this roster, which puts him as the lowest on his team behind even tiziaN. FaveN is an upgrade over gade in terms of firepower, but he is not really fragging out at a high level yet, so I think that under 18.5 kills makes a lot of sense as a play in this spot, especially considering BIG are only slight favorites, and they won’t have the comfort of playing on their favorite map, Dust2.