UFC 276 is a loaded fight card. There's a heavy presence from City Kickboxing given their two champs are in action. UFC matchmakers really emptied the clip on this one. There's been plenty of fight week drama as well, thanks to Sean Strickland. We won't embed the link due to foul language, but you can click here to see some banter between Strickland and Israel Adesanya.

Main Event
Israel Adesanya vs Jared Cannonier9400/6800-Stackability: Moderate-475/ +380+140/+550
Despite a lack of hype, this is an exciting fight. There are few fighters that can match some of Izzy's athleticism but Cannonier can. He's also got devastating power if he were able to catch up to Izzy at some point. What he can't do is match technique. Few can. Izzy likely controls distance and fights his fight but Jared is live as long as he's upright.
Alexander Volkanovski9000Max HollowaySomewhat-Safe-200+330
It's hard to argue that Volk wants to win in a way most others just can't duplicate. He's fought through extreme adversity in two straight fights. He's also taken two close wins from Max. Simply put, the winner of this fight is a must have.
Sean O'Malley9300Pedro MunhozSomewhat-Safe-295+130
O'Malley has some silky smooth striking. His range and speed are a nightmare to solve. Munhoz is also someone often willing to be hit to engage. That's a bad recipe.
Andre Muniz9200Uriah HallSomewhat-Safe-320-200
There's no denying how Muniz wants to win. He's looking to attack with elite BJJ at every turn. His striking is a work in progress but Hall has typically struggled to keep up with grapplers.
Maycee Barber9100Jessica EyeModerate-285+300
This an odd price for Barber coming in on short notice in a fairly even seeming fight. Her upside is that Eye rarely wrestles so Barber may be able to let her hands go and get back to finishing ways.
Jalin Turner8400Brad RiddellModerate-150+110
Turner is aptly named the Tarantula. He's all over opponents with his length both on the feet and the mat. Riddell is tough as nails but that may not be enough with what Turner brings to the table.
Alex Pereira8300Sean StricklandModerate+100+165
Pereira is a deadly kickboxer acclimating to MMA on the fly. It's been up and down but he's going to take a leap at some point. If Strickland can't or won't wrestle we're in for a fun striking affair.
Ian Garry8800Gabe GreenSomewhat-Risky-175+200
Garry has striking that's developing but backs it up with power. He's shown good toughness in some tight spots, as well. The big knock on him is an upright stance and tall frame that's easy to tee off on.
Jim Miller8700Donald CerroneSomewhat-Risky-190+110
Coming in on short notice probably makes Miller more boom or bust than he already is. Cowboy has also cut weight twice in a month now. It's a shame he's this expensive.
Robbie Lawler8500Bryan BarberenaSomewhat-Risky-125+330
Lawler is in the twilight of his career so it's very hard to trust what version shows up. He's always in great shape but the skills are eroding. He overwhelmed an out of shape Nick Diaz but also ate some shots. That won't fly against legit opponents. Good thing Bam Bam is also washed. Assuming he doesn't show up in perfect shape Lawler probably volumes his way to the win.
Jessica-Rose Clark8600Julija StoliarenkoSomewhat-Risky-150+425
Clark is a body builder who also fights. Her striking is solid and she can wrestle some. Stoli has been mostly awful in the UFC so the expectation is a dominant performance from Jessie Jess.
Dricus Du Plessis8000Brad TavaresRisky-150+130
I think Dricus's lack of technique catches up to him here but there's no denying the power he weilds. If his awkward style gives Tavares any trouble there will be openings for a man that's a proven finisher.
Max Holloway7200Alexander VolkanovskiSomewhat-Risky+170+500
Max pushes a pace that's beyond elite. Volk has been one of the few fighters who can match him. Max was pretty close to winning the last fight so a slight adjustment can maybe get it done. If Max wins at this price it will be an all-time DFS value.
Sean Strickland7900Alex PereiraSomewhat-Risky-120+250
If Strickland weren't a Neanderthal he'd decide to wrestle Pereira and submit him. He's so arrogant he may just box with him. That could be a fatal mistake. Strickland does have very good MMA boxing but Pereira is on another level.
Brad Riddell7800Jalin TurnerSomewhat-Risky+130+275
Riddell is an elite kickboxer who's also embraced wrestling as he's learned it. His best path here is weathering the first round storm and gassing Turner out with pace.
Gabe Green7400Ian GarryRisky+150+350
Green is a journeyman but comes to throw down usually. He pushes pace and tries to overwhelm opponents. That leaves him open to counters. Garry stands upright with his chin hanging up there for someone to clip, though. Maybe Gabe can crack it.
Pedro Munhoz6900Sean O'MalleyRisky+245+500
The two knocks on O'Malley are a possible lack of toughness and skinny legs that get hurt easily. Munhoz can push him on both of those fronts. It's an uphill battle but Munhoz is as tough as they come.
Uriah Hall7000Andre MunizRisky+265+380
Hall has been improving his defensive wrestling over the past few years. If he's able to avoid spending time on the mat with Muniz he can expose some raw striking. Plus Hall has that crazy dynamic knockout potential lurking all the time.
Bryan Barberena7700Robbie LawlerRisky+105+330
Barbs is trying to make what money he can before the wheels fall off. So much seems to depend on whether he had a healthy camp at this point. If he can hang with Lawler early he may have success later as a rock em sock em robot.
Julija Stoliarenko7600Jessica-Rose ClarkRisky+130+330
There hasn't been too much to like about Stoli's UFC run but she is tough and determined. She also fishes for armbars frequently. Clark is certainly not above getting caught in a hailmary sub from bottom.


Always remember the Example Lineup is not meant to be plugged and played. It's a way to see how to build a lineup based on the Playbook above. This is a PPV card which means there will be variance and there are only 12 fights. There are numerous paths to building a Cash lineup tonight and you have to get a little weird if you want to solo shot your way to a DFS takedown in a GPP.

Live Dogs: HollowayPereira, Riddell, Tavares, Green, Hall, Munhoz 

Stats & Picks

Israel AdesanyavsJared Cannonier
$9,400DFS Salary$6,800
Record: 22-1-0RecordRecord: 15-5-0
-475Vegas Odds+380
5/10Lineup Pool3/10
Alexander VolkanovskivsMax Holloway
$9,000DFS Salary$7,200
Record: 24-1-0RecordRecord: 23-6-0
-200Vegas Odds+170
5/10Lineup Pool6/10
Sean StricklandvsAlex Pereira
$7,900DFS Salary$8,300
Record: 25-3-0RecordRecord: 5-1-0
-120Vegas Odds+100
4/10Lineup Pool5/10
Robbie LawlervsBryan Barberena
$8,500DFS Salary$7,700
Record: 29-15-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 17-8-0
-125Vegas Odds+105
6/10Lineup Pool4/10
Pedro MunhozvsSean O'Malley
$6,900DFS Salary$9,300
Record: 19-7-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 15-1-0
+245Vegas Odds-295
5/10Lineup Pool25/10
Brad RiddellvsJalin Turner
$7,800DFS Salary$8,400
Record: 10-2-0RecordRecord: 12-5-0
+130Vegas Odds-150
4/10Lineup Pool6/10
Jim MillervsDonald Cerrone
$8,700DFS Salary$7,500
Record: 34-16-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 36-16-0 (2 NC)
-190Vegas Odds+160
5/10Lineup Pool4/10
Ian GarryvsGabe Green
$8,800DFS Salary$7,400
Record: 9-0-0RecordRecord: 11-3-0
-175Vegas Odds+150
5/10Lineup Pool5/10
Brad TavaresvsDricus Du Plessis
$8,200DFS Salary$8,000
Record: 19-7-0RecordRecord: 16-2-0
+130Vegas Odds-150
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Uriah HallvsAndre Muniz
$7,000DFS Salary$9,200
Record: 18-10-0RecordRecord: 22-4-0
+265Vegas Odds-320
4/10Lineup Pool5/10
Jessica EyevsMaycee Barber
$7,100DFS Salary$9,100
Record: 15-10-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 10-2-0
+240Vegas Odds-285
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Jessica-Rose ClarkvsJulija Stoliarenko
$8,600DFS Salary$7,600
Record: 11-7-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 9-7-2
-150Vegas Odds+130
4/10Lineup Pool4/10

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