Miles the Monster looms large over this week’s track — Dover Motor Speedway. It’s one of the more daunting tracks on the NASCAR schedule and if the track wasn’t daunting enough for the Wurth 400, the weather certainly is. The rain in Dover has already caused a problem with a canceled qualifying session, now it’s threatening to move the race to Monday. Whether the race is run Sunday or Monday, the Wurth 400 is one of the more challenging races for teams, drivers, and cars alike.

What is the weather forecast for Dover this weekend?

It’s not great to answer quickly. Saturday had practice shortened because of the rain and then qualifying was canceled completely. The Xfinity race was pushed back as well. That’s the good news. Sunday’s forecast shows a 90-percent chance of rain basically all day and thunderstorms rolling in after 3 pm ET. So basically not great. Also, there are no lights at Dover which means they’d need to be done racing by about 7:45 pm ET which leaves a tight window. Monday’s forecast looks much cleaner and basically, the same temps so don’t be surprised if the race is moved to say noon ET on Monday.

NASCAR DFS Strategy for the Wurth 400

Typically at Dover, the strategy is to approach it like a short track with a lot of laps — 400 scheduled — for DFS. Passing can be hard here as well with how drivers drive the track and the racing line not being quite as wide as you’d think it would be. The 1-mile track is highly banked which leads to a lot of on-throttle time which makes passing tough. The other way it’s like a short track? Lapping. Cars get lapped here fairly quickly and if the race stays green they can full multiple laps down. That doesn’t include off-schedule pit stops which can also drop them a lap or more down until a caution flies. Oh right cautions, they’re fairly common here for everything from tires failing to cars failing to drivers running out of room to make a pass. It does tend to be a self-cleaning track, aka cars slide down the banking toward the inside wall, but a car coming down the banking at the wrong time can result in the big one. So can restarts here too. Add to all of that that tires will wear more this weekend than typical if the temps don’t get higher and we have an interesting setup for a race. So how are we building lineups this week? One or two laps led leaders in a build and the rest of the guys need to be PD plays. That doesn’t mean that we can’t expect laps led leaders from the PD plays though as there are a few drivers starting mid-pack who could dominate the second half of the race.

Qualifying Order and Practice Results for Dover

The qualifying order this week was set via the NASCAR formula they use that takes last week’s performance, driver points, owner points, and fastest lap rankings into account. This week’s formula led to quite a shuffled-up field coming off of the chaos of Talladega a week ago. As for practice, what we did get on Saturday can’t really be counted on for anything. The temps were quite cold, there was cloud cover and rain, the tires were wearing way faster than normal, and the track was green the whole time. Hence all the spins we saw. So while some of the drivers starting close to the front weren’t great at practice, we can’t fully bank on that and some of the drivers in the back were slow but again, we can’t count on that. Expect a lot of comers and goers during the race whether it’s run on Sunday or Monday.