PointsBet Promo Code: Get Up To 10 x $100 Second Chance Bonus Bets

Fancy a bonus bet? How about up to TEN bonus bets? 

That’s exactly what PointsBet Sportsbook is offering with its Second Chance signup promo, where you can receive up to 10 x $100 bonus bets when you join!

No PointsBet promo code is necessary if you click here when claiming your bonus. You’ll be off and running immediately after you sign up - and you’ll be able to keep your action rolling all the way through NFL Week 5 AND Week 6.

We’ve outlined below how this innovative PointsBet promo works. Some of you might be ready to jump right in, though. If that’s you, get your $1,000 max bonus now. No PointsBet promo code is required if you join through one of our links.


PointsBet Promo: How The $1,000 Second Chance Bonus Bets Work 

This is one of the most unique AND generous sportsbook promotions around! Here’s the gist.

Receiving “up to 10 x $100 Bonus Bets with PointsBet’s Second Chance” means that if any of your first 10 cash bets – referring to the first bet you place each day for 10 days – on a fixed odds market doesn’t win, you’ll receive bonus bets in the same amount that you lost, up to $100.

It’s literally a second chance on your first bet of the day, every day, for up to 10 days, and up to $100 each! And if that sounds like a lot of value over a lot of days, you’re right! This promo is the perfect way to REALLY try a new sportsbook and give yourself a great chance to stay in the game for 10 days minimum.


One thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t place a bet during any of your first 10 days, you’ll lose the opportunity to claim your Second Chance bonus bet(s) for those day(s). In other words, your Second Chances will not carry over beyond the 10th day.

So if you want to bet on NFL Week 5 AND all the way through NFL Week 6, you’ll want to claim your bonus NOW. 

Click here to score your Second Chance bonus bets at PointsBet. The required PointsBet promo code will automatically populate if you sign up through one of our links - like this one.


PointsBet Promotion Terms & Conditions

No, there’s not a catch to this PointsBet promotion. It’s as great as it sounds. But like anything else these days, there are terms and conditions to be aware of.

The big one: Your Bonus Bet stake won’t be included in any of your winnings on your Second Chance bets. For example, if you place a $30 Bonus Bet that wins $15, you’ll receive the $15 in winnings rather than the $45 you’d expect to see if you won a cash wager. (The $45 would consist of your $30 cash stake, plus your $15 winnings for a total of $45.)  

The other key T’s and C’s for this PointsBet promo:

  • Bonus bets don’t have cash value e.g. you can’t withdraw them as cash - you have to use them on the sportsbook
  • While PointBet’s “PointsBetting” bet type is worth checking out, you can’t use your Second Chance Bonus Bets on this type of wager. You only can use them on fixed-odds wagers, such as a pre-game moneyline.
  • Bonus bets can be split equally up to four times. For example, a $60 bonus bet can be split into four $15 bonus bets, giving you even more run for your “Second Chance” money.
  • You must be 21+, a new PointsBet Sportsbook customer, and located inl CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA, or WV.

See? No baiting and switching here. Just a fantastic sports betting promotion from our friends at PointsBet.

Claim up to 10 x $100 Bonus Bets - with no PointsBet promo code required - by joining through this link now


Why You Should Try PointsBet Sportsbook

There’s a lot to like about PointsBet in addition to their $1,000 max signup bonus. 

  • Offers “Good Karma” refunds on select, extreme bad beats
  • Can ask for custom bets that aren’t listed on the site with the “Name a Bet” feature
  • Innovative and fun, high-risk, high-reward “PointsBetting” format
  • Established their brand in Australia, and bring their solid reputation to the legal U.S. sports betting industry
  • “No juice lines” offered on major sports
  • Offer many promotions that are tied to hometown teams
  • A comprehensive range of bet types and betting markets, both pre- and in-game
  • Safe and secure platform with an effortless user interface
  • Superb customer support
  • Quick and easy to deposit and withdraw cash

Make the most of all these amazing sportsbook features by taking advantage of this fantastic 10 x $100 max Second Chance bonus bet welcome offer. Claim your bonus by joining PointsBet through this link now.


Bank Your 10 x $100 Bonus Bet Welcome Bonus Now

There’s not much left to say. PointsBet’s $10 x $100 sign-up offer is one of the absolute best sportsbook promotions around. Bank this bonus and use it all the way through NFL Week 6 now. No PointsBet promo code is required when you get started through this link.