There’s still a place in this world for a good fantasy football mock draft. The important qualifier there however is “good”. It’s not easy to get a group of random people to take it seriously when you just jump in on a site like Yahoo Fantasy Football or ESPN Fantasy Football. And, if it’s something like an expert dynasty rookie mock draft, it doesn’t always give you a realistic look at what normal fantasy gamers might do. Their fantasy football rankings can differ wildly from the typical average draft position. Lucky for us, there is a modern solution this time of year now that the 2023 NFL draft is over. Where we can get a good look at early ADP while also potentially winning a little money. And that’s with Underdog Fantasy best ball fantasy football drafts.

For those unfamiliar, best ball fantasy football is a fairly simple format. It’s a real fantasy football league with a full snake draft. No waivers. No trades. No setting lineups. You pick 18 rounds of players and the system automatically fills in your best lineup each week based on who scores the most points. Winner gets paid real money. And, sure, the later rounds of drafts in this format may see some differences from seasonal drafts as you need multiple QBs and TEs. But the early rounds give us a virtually identical look at current ADP and most of the sleeper picks are the same as well. And we can do these at a time when no one is doing drafts. Except us, of course. So if you find yourself asking “when does fantasy football start in 2023?” It starts right now, right here at Fantasy Alarm.

That’s why we’re inviting Fantasy Alarm members to join us in some early best ball drafts on Underdog fantasy. We’re doing both fast drafts (30 second clock, ~one hour total draft) and slow drafts (8 hour clock that stops overnight). All the Fantasy Alarm NFL Analysts like me, Howard Bender, Jon Impemba, Kevin Tompkins, Britt Flynn, Colby Conway, James Grande, Justin Vreeland etc. will be joining as well as some special guests. We’re even doing some LIVE on stream where you can join us in the chat or call in via Sirius XM or the Bettor Network App. So here’s a quick guide on how to get involved!

Sign Up For Underdog Fantasy

First things first - sign up for Underdog Fantasy best ball fantasy football using this link and promo code FANTASYALARM. With that they will match up to 100% of your deposit up to $100 in bonus credits. 


They have tournament style formats like Best Ball Mania IV and The Puppy where it pits you against thousands of other players. And they have smaller private leagues with anywhere from 3-12 players with buy-ins of $3 to $500. For our drafts, we are focusing on private 12 team leagues since that’s the industry standard these days. That way we can accomplish three goals:

  • Get a handle on early ADP
  • Play a real league with a real cash prize winner
  • Have a fun time playing with #FAmily members and talking trash!

Get Set Up With The Fantasy Alarm Discord

We recently updated the Fantasy Alarm Discord to include some FREE channels for people to hang out and talk sports with us. If you’d like to check it out first on a free basis, use the link here. But, due to the demand for these leagues (the first one filled in less than 20 minutes), we are limiting the best ball fantasy football leagues to Fantasy Alarm Members. Right now we have two great promos going to sign up for a membership that grants access to ALL sports and content, not just the NFL and best ball drafts.

  • For six months All Access, you can use promo code COOP here!
  • The All Access Annual Membership was already 40% off but you can get an additional 20% off using promo code NFLDRAFT here!

Once you are signed up as a Fantasy Alarm member, this quick guide will get you set up so that you have full access to all of our premium channels for all sports. Here is a quick look at the NFL channels for instance - the #nfl-locker-room is the free chat and then there are premium chats for direct access to ask questions to our analysts (including one channel specifically with direct access to me in Coop’s Corner!) We have premium analysts channels for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MMA, PGA, college sports, betting - you name it!

Join The Best Ball Fantasy Football Channel and Start Drafting!

Once you are set up and in, head over to #nfl-best-ball. Once there, just say you want to join a best ball draft, post your Underdog fantasy username, and let us know if you want in on the next fast draft (30 second clock) or slow draft (8 hour clock). Make sure to check the most recent pinned comment by clicking the thumb tack at the top to see which ones we have available as we are planning some unique events like a live on air draft with Howard Bender and Jim Bowden as well as slow drafts with other special guests! Each league gets its own private chat on the Discord channel as well so we have a place to talk about the league. I’d move quick as these are fairly exclusive - if you are reading this, you have a chance to get in very early before we get into the summer and fantasy football fever takes over! And, if you do win one of the leagues, you’ll be able to show off in our Winner’s Circle (plus, we may be able to do some fancy badges on the channel so everyone knows you’re a legend!)

If you need any help whatsoever or have any questions, please feel free to email or DM me directly on Twitter @CoopAFiasco and we will get you all set up. I look forward to drafting with you all - and kicking your butts!